Workbook Answer Key UNIT 1 Note: In some communicative exercises where several answers are possible, this answer key contains some examples of correct . Workbook Answer Key UNIT 3 Note: In communicative exercises where several answers are possible, this answer key contains some examples of correct. - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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Uploaded by: OTTO Uploaded by. GerardoECuevas. Top Notch 3 Teachers Book. Uploaded by. German Rodriguez. Top Notch 1 Workbook. Workbook Answer Key Unit 2 - top notch 3, second edition unit 2 note: in communicative exercises where several answers are. such interesting way. top notch 2 workbook second edition resuelto pdf. top notch .pdf - free download - freebookee - top notch 2b workbook.

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Has he already eaten dinner? Exercise 3 Exercise C job, nationality 1. Exercise D Exercise 5 Answers will vary. Have you had B: Have you been B: Have you exercised B: Have you read B: Exercise 7 2.

Have you taken 2. Have you been amazing. They went skiing in the Himalayas, and the trip was Exercise 8 thrilling. They were disgusting. Devin has never traveled to continental Europe, but he Exercise 9 has visited Ireland before. Has George ever gone horseback riding? We have met before. We were on the same sightseeing 3. Have you been to London before?

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It means you want your change in coins. Exercise C 5. It suggests that travelers learn about local gestures.

Exercise 12 1. Exercise 14 Answers will vary. Exercise 15 Answers will vary. Where has he lived? How has the weather been? What has Sophie studied? Which museums have they gone to? How many times has she been to Paris?


Who have you met? Is that all?

He should stay at the Morgan Hotel. They should 7. Thank you very much.

She should stay at Trinity Exercise 7 College. He should stay at the Camden Court.

You will win a prize next week. You will meet an old friend in Barcelona. Your friend will offer you an exciting job in Spain.

You will move to Spain next month. Exercise A Exercise 8 1. I will call her later today. She will stop at the front 5.

My uncle will meet my father at the airport. What time will the tour group get back?

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When will Exercise B they make a reservation? Where will your grandmother Answers will vary but may include the following: You could see a later show. You ought to take fewer things.Is that all? Intermediate Workbook Key.

Exercise 3 Exercise C job, nationality 1. Skip to main content.

What has Sophie studied? She had never been hang communication. Related Papers. Download pdf.

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