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AD&D - Tome of - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Tome of Magic (abbreviated ToM) is a handbook of rules and guidelines for the Dungeons .. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version . Ari Marmell David Noonan Robert J. Schwalb. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page

Wizards of the Coast Lake Geneva, Wisconsin: TSR Tome of Magic". Retrieved August 16, Supplement I: Greyhawk Supplement II: Blackmoor Supplement III: Eldritch Wizardry Supplement IV: Conan Unchained!

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Strahd's Possession Ravenloft: Warriors of Ravenloft. Slayer DeathKeep Al-Qadim: The Genie's Curse Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance Planescape: Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: If the attempt fails, only one charge is used Of course, these same advocates are quick to and a random effect is generated.

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First and The wild mage can control the following items foremost, it is wild magic. More common- deck of illusions, deck of many things, and the ly, the magnitude of a spell-range, duration, well of many worlds. The wild ing 10d6 points of damage. If the level variation mage's work with the principles of uncertainty af- had been -3 die roll of 2 , the spell would have fects all spells that have a level variable for range, operated as if it were 4th level.

In this case, the duration, area of effect, or damage. The spell may function at lesser, One additional effect can occur when casting equal, or greater effect than normal. The degree level-variable spells. If the result from Table 1is of variation depends on the true level of the cast- boldfaced, the caster has inadvertently created a er, as shown in Table 1:Level Variation.

A wild surge briefly opens a doorway the player must roll Id20 at the moment the spell through which raw magical energy pours. The is cast. The variation from the caster's actual level energy is incompletely controlled by the actions is found at the point where the character's true of the spellcaster.

The result, often spectacular, is level and the die roll intersect. True level refers seldom what the caster intended and is sometimes to the current experience level of the wild mage.

If the result is a positive number, that many levels At other times, wildly improbable results occur. If the result is a negative num- nowhere, or the floor may become a pool of ber, that many levels are subtracted from the grease. Whatever happens, it is the essence of caster's true level. If the result is 0, the spell is cast wildness. The variation of a spell's power has no When a wild surge occurs, the DM must roll on permanent effect on the mage's experience level Table 2.

Unlike many other instances in the or casting ability. He wishes it to take effect 70 solved by random chance. Actively choosing a yards away at the site of a band of advancing result biases the nature of wild magic. DMs are orcs. Fireball has level variables for range 10 encouraged to be random and have fun. Each gem is worth ld6 x 10 gp. Character cannot control sneez- extinguished ing until all magical items are re- 40 One magical item within 30 of caster moved.

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Allergy lasts ld6 turns. Words are re- 45 All creatures within 30 of caster begin leased when bubbles pop. All within radius except the turns caster must make a saving throw. All those who can hear must ld6 days save vs.

No spells can 58 Spell takes physical form of free- be cast until fit passes ld6 rounds. Elemental remains target all within radius suffer the ef- for duration of spell. IO of target vanishes Spell effectiveness range, duration, 71 Fireball centers on target area of effect, damage, etc.

Tome of Magic

The casters true level is THACO, cannot cast spells for 2d4 used when calculating range, duration, area of ef- rounds fect, etc. Therefore, it is to all initiative rolls for turns quite likely that some wild magic results will 82 Rust monster appears in front of make no sense, be impossible, or have no visible target 8 effect.

In these cases, the wild surge has no effect. Every elementalist must choose one element as his For example, if a mage were casting a wizard lock specialty. He may learn and cast any spells relating on a door and triggered a wild surge with the re- to his chosen element and gains advantages when sult "Target changes sex," no effect would be visi- doing so.

He may also cast spells of the two ele- ble, since doors do not have a sex at least as far ments which do not oppose his specialty, for as we know. Likewise, a rock might be hastened which he receives no bonuses or penalties. Conse- or a snake might have its feet enlarged. In these quently, he may not learn or cast any spells associ- cases, nothing happens-at least nothing that af- ated with the element that opposes his element of fects play.

When determining the result of wild specialty. For example, a fire elementalist may cast magic, the DM must use his best judgment. A specialist is also should be allowed to ruin the story of an adven- prohibited from using magical items that duplicate ture.

As ultimate storyteller and arbiter of the spell effects of his oppositional element.

If this Fire happens, reroll the dice to get a new result. In a I case such as this, do not treat a wild surge as hav- ing no effect. Air - opposes - Earth Clearly, wild mages are a risky proposition.


I Not every player will want to play a wild mage; not every party will want a wild mage. The DM Water should not add benefits to the wild mage, hoping to the make the class more "attractive" to his Although their repertoire of spells is small, ele- players.

Players who like wild mages will play mentalists are potent wizards, for they gain the them without bribery. These wizards scorn the "accepted theo- spell per level, providing that at least one of the ries of magical classification the rigid school memorized spells is from his element of specialty. The result is elementalism. Other creatures suffer a -2 the four prime elements of air, earth, fire, and penalty when making saving throws against an water.

These spells may be from any of the nine elementalist casting spells from his specialty. The fireball spell, for example, Once per day, an elementalist may choose to belongs to the evocation school, but according to cast one memorized spell from his element of spe- elementalists, it is also a spell of elemental fire. He must de- Unlike other specialists, an elementalist does clare his decision to do this immediately prior to not specialize in a single school of magic, but may casting the spell.

This affects range, duration, ar- learn and cast spells belonging to any school. Al- ea of effect, and damage; it does not allow the though this may seem to be a great advantage, wizard to cast a spell from a level which he nor- elementalists suffer considerable penalties when mally could not use.

The exception to this pen- new spell relating to his specialty element, the , alty is the spells of the school of lesser divination, DM should count the new spell as one level less which every wizard may learn.

Each element has a diametrical opposite: air op- Upon reaching 15th level, an' elementalist poses earth, fire opposes water, and vice versa.

Quest spells moner remains in effect. Quest spells are a category of powerful spells A complete listing of elemental spells arranged without an assigned level.

They should not be by each element can be found in Appendix 1. While quest spells are powerful, they are not as Metamagic powerful as the energies used by Powers. If a god Metamagic is a special term used by erudite chose to flatten a mountain or raise an island, he and educated wizards to describe a single class of could probably do so.

Priests cannot achieve such huge effects; they are still mortal beings. But spells and magical items-those powers that alter or affect other magical spells and items. Meta- quest spells do provide a priest with magic more magic spells do not directly affect people, ob- powerful than any other priestly magic; a quest spell could easily mean the difference between jects, or events.

Instead, the powers of success or failure in a mission. Quest spells are metamagic are used t o alter the fabric of spells themselves. Through metamagic spells, such as capable of affecting large areas or numbers of creatures and allow the shaping of great energies; far reaching or squaring the circle, the once invio- they are often difficult or impossible to resist or lable limits of a spell can be altered.

Range, dura- dispel. These spells are granted powers, be- magical spells. However, a few indepen- Two circumstances are most likely to warrant dent researchers have continued to explore and expand this esoteric field of study. First, a Power may contact the priest in a dream or omen, or by sending a servant or avatar. In this New Rules for Priests case, the Power requests that the priest perform a Priests are hardly the unglamorous and weak vital service on behalf of the Power the nature of adventurers that they are sometimes portrayed to such a request is discussed later.

The priest is ef- fectively commanded to go on a quest-hence, be. They are an important part of any society, the generic title of quest spell. Priests have great responsibilities for the defense, guid- A second case for the granting of a quest spell ance, welfare, and protection of a community. The Tome of Magic provides priests with omniscient. A priest contacting the Power with more tools to help them achieve their goals.

The request for a quest Quest Spells spell must never be motivated by selfish consider- Priests and clerics are the servants of Powers- ations on the priest's part such hubris is grossly offensive to any Power , and circumstances must immortal entities with abilities far beyond those be truly exceptional.

The Power then considers- of mere mortals. Yet these servants do not wield the priest's request and responds accordingly. Circumstances will arise when a priest spice up a quest for the pries second condition translates to a player requesting This may include racial interests for elves, exceptional aid for his priest PC followed by the dwarves, etc.

The discovery of Conditions for Quest Spells an intensely magical artifact or place important The circumstances which prompt a Power or to the Power may necessitate the use of quest priest to seek the use of a quest spell are usually magic to secure it.

Establishing and developing a related to a majorsphere of concern of the Power. Such cases tics, knightly virtue, or other irrelevance as this will be individually determined by the DM as ma- Power would view them. However, destruction jor elements of a campaign story line.

To protect or regenerate a great natural re- Situations Unworthy of Quest Spells source, a druidic Power would surely consider dispatching his most powerful servants with awe- What types of requests do not warrant a Power some magic.

A major challenge demands a major granting a quest spell? Generally, a quest spell is response. This may be priest being killed by an agent of an evil Power true for both sides in the conflict; the NPCs as isn't enough to justify the use of a quest spell.

In this manner, two Powers avoid fighting solve itself in time through the normal efforts of each other directly; their servants carry out the priests does not need quest magic.

This will be a major event in any The DM must consider whether a problem is campaign setting! Milder variations on this out of the ordinary. Only under extraordinary theme would include the razing of a major temple circumstances should a quest spell be granted. If of the enemy Power or the destruction of a major the DM is in doubt, a simple question may pro- resource belonging to the Power's servants. This kind of conflict can easily swerve level priest spells if wisely used?

Only if the an- out of control and threaten the destruction of the swer is "no" should quest magic be considered.

Only if a Power has stepped out of line is the retribution by a rival Power tolerable among the community of Which Priests Receive Quest Spells? Powers, If an evil temple has stood in the capital Only true and faithful servants of a Power who of an evil land for centuries, it is unacceptable for have successfully used powerful magic are eligi- a good deity to strike at it.

If an evil temple is ble for quest spells. This limits quest spells to hidden in nonevil lands, it is reasonable for a priests; although a paladin may be true and faith- good Power to strike it down. It is important that ful, his experience is not sufficient to command game balance and the status quo are maintained.

A Power is likely to grant a quest spell when Level limitations are important. It is very rare there is a major threat to his followers, church, for a priest of lower than 12th level to be granted consecrated grounds, or territories. These situa- quest magic. Priests of 9th level and lower cannot tions may become considerably extended; a use quest magic; the strain of holding and shap- Power of healing may extend the use of quest ing such magic is too great.

For such a Power, the wel- order to cast quest spells. It is quite possible that a fare of the common man is important. In cases priest could be granted a quest spell but not pos- , such as this, game balance must be maintained by sess the wisdom to cast 7th-level clerical spells; granting quest spells only in true catastrophes.

Powers sometimes work in mysterious ways. Exceptional and unique circumstances will Under normal conditions, quest spells are arise which will draw quest magic into the game. Following this period, the priest needs one such as in a large temple. If the hierarchy of a hour to establish and maintain a direct mental temple has been destroyed, then the best of the link with his deity and receive the spell into his junior echelons may be granted quest spells.

During this communion, the priest is in a Some cases may not offer as many options as state of exultation and is oblivious to the outside to the recipient of a quest spell. If the nearest world.

He cannot be roused from this reverie. These ceremonies should be determined in perior. Similarly, if the senior priests of a temple accordance with the nature of the religion. The are too old to travel or are needed to maintain priest may be required to be in a major church or order at the temple, a priest of a lower level may temple for the ceremony.

The presence of junior be granted the quest spell. However, these are extremely devoted follower by granting him a only suggestions and should not be rigidly quest spell, passing up older, more experienced enforced-a god of travelers would not require a colleagues.

Age and experience do not indicate quest spell to be granted in a temple, for example. Prodigies exist in all walks of life; clerics are no exception. Introducing the Quest Spell Faithfulness and piety of the priest are impor- Bringing a quest spell into a campaign should tant but are difficult to judge. The priest must be unswerving in his alignment and have an exem- be a major event. It should create a powerful plary record of service to the Power. It is reason- atmosphere that inc1udes.

Such considerations of staging magical influence even if atonement was required or voluntarily undergone as a result. The DM must remember that priests are mortals-and mortals have weaknesses. While a The Cost of Quest Spells priest who has not been zealous in defense of the Quest spells are not granted without a price.

A faith is a noncandidate for quest spells, a priest priest receiving a quest spell is unable to memorize who is pure of heart but who has made a few er- spells of the highest level which he is allowed. He rors might still be considered for quest magic. This is especially likely if there is no does not gain the ability to automatically cast it time pressure for the greater quest or if the priest again.

Each time a priest wishes to use a quest has asked the Power for quest magic rather than spell, he must repeat the described procedures.The exact increase depends on the level of priests and worshipers.

Tables 20 and 21 in the Plkyers Handbook. The wild magic carries them into all different fields. Sense shifting allows the wizard to affect all nity to magical paralysis. None With this spell. At the end of this time. These spells inflict physical damage on an oppo- nent or improve the combat abilities of the priest created "once a thought and several comrades.

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