Immortals of meluha. Pages·· MB·9, Downloads. 'The Immortals of Meluha sees Lord Shiva and his intriguing life with a refreshing Page 7 Two. The Immortals of Meluha. 5 Pages·· KB·3 Downloads. The Immortals of Meluha - PDF EBOOK EPUB tvrprf. Description. Author: Amish Tripathi. BC . LanguageEnglish. Immortals of meluha. IdentifierImmortalsOfMeluha. Identifier- arkark://t4rjh. OcrABBYY FineReader Ppi

The Immortals Of Meluha Complete Ebook

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BC: the once-proud Suryavanshi rulers of the Meluha Empire are in dire peril. The empire's primary river, the Saraswathi, is slowly drying up. There are. is made grandiosely obvious in The Immortals of Meluha Shiva's journey from .. you will follow me to the registration desk, we will complete the formalities. May The Immortals of Meluha (Shiva Trilogy) by Amish . Nightfall (eBook) Classic Sci Fi Books, Books Online, Fiction Novels, Science. VitalSource\.

Finally I found it in a tiny little shop, the proprietor telling me that the one I bought was one of the last copies he had left. The plot seemed interesting enough.

A different take on Shiva the destroyer, a god revered by millions of Hindus all over the world, one of the Trimurti three main Gods, the others being Brahma the creator and Vishnu the preserver , known as Natraj -- the lord of dance and one of the most passionate men in Hindu mythology.

The author has done a good job of integrating all the details known to us about the Indus Valley Civilization and has also given his own explanations for various concepts.

The Immortals of Meluha

I liked the discussion on what is evil and the fact that what is considered evil or wrong by some people may not be seen in the same way by others. He has introduced concepts of terrorism, the caste system and the position of women in society in this first book in a planned trilogy.

But that was all I liked about the book. The writing was poor and the editor needed to do a better job.


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The Immortals of Meluha: The Shiva Trilogy 1

Book Details Author: Hardcover Brand: Description Called "archetypal and stirring" by Deepak Chopra, "The Immortals of Meluha "heralds an exciting new wave of fantasy writing inspired by the ancient civilizations of the East. Tripathi devoted years to the research of Hindu mythological stories and history, and discussions with his family about the destiny of the human body, mind and soul to create this sweeping and fascinating adaptation of ancient Hindu mythology for modern fantasy readers.

Each fact is repeated over and over again in ten different ways and it made me wonder if the author thinks we are complete fools who will not get a concept on the first try. The book reads more like a movie script than a novel.

It seems as though the author has written the book keeping Bollywood producers and directors in mind, rather than genuine readers. The last few chapters, especially were very hastily written and seemed really rushed. The author had some good places where he could have ended this book but he chose to end the book with a cliffhanger and a 'To Be Continued'.

Did the author not know what was to happen next? Or was he not convinced that his story was interesting enough for audiences to want to read the next book if he had given it a proper ending.

Even in a book series a reader must be able to read a book and have a sense of conclusion which was absent here.You just clipped your first slide! Are you sure you want to Yes No. The Suryavanshi rulers are challenged with devastating terrorist attacks from the east, the land of the Chandravanshis. Like the Shiva Trilogy this one is also a fantasy re-imagining of the Indian epic Ramayana.

But that was all I liked about the book. The Suryavanshi rulers are challenged with devastating terrorist attacks from the east, the land of the Chandravanshis. An annual anal It is the first book in the Ram Chandra Series. Read More.

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