The City Assembled - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. History of Architecture-Settings and Rituals - Spiro Kostof. Uploaded by. The city assembled: the elements of urban form through history / Spiro Kostof ; with the collaboration of Greg Castillo ; original drawings by Richard Tobias. The City Shaped: Urban Patterns and Meanings Through History FREE DOWNLOAD Spanning the ages and the globe, Spiro Kostof explores the city as a.

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Downlaod City Assembled: The Elements of Urban Form Through History (Spiro Kostof) Free Online. PDF | Is architecture an art of wall design? Download full-text PDF . Kostof, Spiro, The City Assembled, The City Assembled, Thames & Hudson, , p Read Download The City Shaped: Urban Patterns and Meanings Spiro Kostof explores the city as a "repository of cultural meaning" and an.

Most walls were torn down, the material was used in building of towers.

Spiro Kostof

The intramural zone was the least desirable area to build. This gave opportunity for squatter settlements and makeshift shanties come against the wall. In China, the earlier walls that were built out of earth were massive affairs. The poor built shelters attached to it, as well as carved niches which were cave-like in nature.

The City Assembled

Walls in Chang an, china. Artillery platforms built in between the towers- largely increased unbuilt space between city and the walls. The change within: Intramural Even the rich were attracted to the intramural zone: There were multiple functions that the bastioned wall served, if we take a look through the pages of history, from formation of suburban districts to the building of pleasure gardens and palaces on top of them. The Zwinger palace in the city of Dresden in Germany is one such example.

In Paris, the development of boulevards was a consequence of the walls being brought down, and availability of a large unbuilt space at the citys edge. Berlin, THE CITY EDGE The change without: Extramural zone the fringe belt The unbuilt zone in between the curtain walls and outside it, was occupied by lesser important urban functions and sects of society such as the artisans, the tannery, the horse and cattle markets and so on.

Also contained in it were religious buildings which came up too late for the extremely dense core. Geographers call this zone as the urban fringe belt. It stands for a collection of mixed land uses, with large scale and low density built pattern which is drastically different from the tightly knit urban fabric of the core.

As the city grows, new fringe belts are developed further out, in patterns which are not necessarily concentric manner or sequential growth.

The development and growth pattern of fringe belts are irregular in most European city plans. The urban fringe outside the original city core is obviously seen. There are central streets connecting to the suburban development. Left: plan of Athens, before AD. Showing how the densely urbanized section of the city reached to the north the area of the current City Hall; to the northeast, Stadiou ave.

Markets occurred near them.

Noble families who owned land on both sides of the wall, used to build fortified residences there. The protection and maintainence of the towers and gates adjacent to them was entrusted to the nobles.

The City Shaped - Spiro Kostof

The gates were the entry point, the landmark of a city. Thus they received great architectural care.

The conflict between defense obstruction and access had to be taken care of meticulously. In china, the gates were usually at a t intersection with through streets, not directly linked to the street network. Traces of the wall always remained in some form or other.

In European cities, ring strasses, or outer ring roads occurred where the walls once stood. Sometimes this huge unbuilt space was sold for construction. The land was divided into lots and converted to profitable commodities. In cities with organic plans, the gates occur as a convergence point of internal streets, with 2 or 3 external streets outside it.

Irregular constellations of streets suggest the presence of a defensive circuit. Also, sometimes, there is a spill out from the inner dense core to the periphery. Thus are born the suburbs.

The phenomenon is as ancient as cities. In Assyria, there existed Karum,a colony of merchants just outside the city.

Passing tradesmen in time would permanently plant themselves in the shadow of the city walls, near the gates, and form a new life , and create a new urban form. There is another distinctive phenomenon of suburban growth which begins as new satellite centres around a city, but not directly attached to it.

There is also the case of ribbon development, wherein the suburbs grow in a concentric fashion outwards. Planned extensions Medieval cities in Europe who seem to have organic growth patterns, sometimes have been planned in stages, according to the street patterns.

There were built outer ring of walls, and in cases such as Florence and Siena, but took centuries to reach it. After the 17th century, large planned estates, with parks and monuments occurred outside the periphery.

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Outside the tight ring of the walls the suburbs start, towards the east.

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