As mentioned on Wikipedia (bestthing.info List_of_Sword_Art_Online_light_novels#Sword_Art_Online:_Progressive) the 5th Volume is anounced. LanguageEnglish. NOVEL: Sword Art Online Progressive. Identifier manga_Sword_Art_Online_Progressive. Identifier-arkark://t06x5qz7g. Download Sword Art Online Progressive Vol-5 Light Novel After successfully untangling themselves from a dangerous Vol-5 epub/pdf.

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Anyone got any links? The ones I found are in pdf. 4Xg6Yu2Jg - Read and download Reki Kawahara's book Sword Art Online Progressive, Vol. 6 (manga) in PDF, EPub, Mobi, site online. Kwert87Bgteu - Read and download Reki Kawahara's book Sword Art Online Progressive 5 (light novel) in PDF, EPub online. Free Sword Art Online.

If theyre separate people, we should assume Morte and the black poncho are working together. Meaning theyre working to commit PKs as a duo There could be three, four The Fossilwood Branch finally reached the end of its durability and crumbled through the middle, disappearing with a large sheet of sparks.

As the tiny lights went out, the darkness of their surroundings crept closer, and Asuna unconsciously moved herself a few inches to the right.

But if you kill players in SAO right now, they cant be revived Theyll die in the real world. Do Morte and his friend not want us to beat the game? Dont they want to get out of this place?

Nearly ten seconds later, Kiritos response was just as strained. Like you said, when your HP go down to zero, the player dies. So maybe they just want to cause PKs Asuna thought she heard a rustle behind her and spun around. But the only thing there was a series of dark ruined walls, cold and unfeeling. After seven in the evening, the two decided to return to town.

The main city of the fifth floor, Karluin, was built in the center of a huge swath of ruins covering the southern end of the floor. It was meant to resemble a settlement of newly arrived people reusing a fallen city of centuries past.

Compared to the crisscrossed canals of Rovia on the fourth floor, there was barely any water here, but thanks to perhaps some busy NPC cleaners, it also wasnt particularly dusty.

The buildings, made of darkened stone blocks, were crumbling here and there, but the center of town was full of leather and canvas tents that bustled with chaotic liveliness.

Its kind of hard to tell where the safe haven boundary is Asuna mumbled, after the words appeared abruptly in her view. When the notice disappeared, she turned back to look at the path theyd taken to get there, which was surrounded by half-crumbled stone walls. But there were no arches or other visual cues that suggested the boundary of town. It would be important to remember the spot by sight so that they could escape into the safe haven if they ever got into trouble with monsters beyond its borders.

Beside her, Kirito nodded and said, Yeah, thats the thing. In the beta, people stacked wooden boxes and stuff to serve as the marker, but theyre treated as abandoned objects, so they wear out and eventually disappear Couldnt you just stack something cheap and durable?

Would anything fit the bill? The crumbled blocks lying all over the place She looked at where Kirito was pointing and saw a number of square stone blocks scattered around the path.


But given that they were the same material as the walls, stacking them up wasnt likely to draw her or Kiritos attention. Guess well just have to keep our eyes open. She resumed walking, trying to imprint the view of the area into her brain. As they approached the center of Karluin, the first sound to arrive was the piping of a flute in the style of some kind of European folk music, followed by the lively chatter of voices. Over a day had passed since they activated the teleport gate, and many players had come through it from the lower floors.

That surprised Asuna. Youre usually the one trying to avoid them. Are you going to invite them to dinner or something?

What is Kobo Super Points?

You could say that. Now she was truly stunned.

Wh-what in the world has gotten into you? Well, he said, smirking with one cheek, then scratching his head with a finger, I was hoping to catch one of the more reasonable guys, like Shivata or Hafner, and ask them about Morte again.

He didnt take part in the third- or fourth-floor boss fights, so he probably left the guilds Perhaps she ought to help with collecting information Oh, right Why not ask Argo? It was the obvious choice. Argo the Rat, info broker extraordinaire, would surely know all about Morte, down to where he lurked.

But Kirito looked conflicted. I bought info on Morte from Argo once already. But that was on the third floor, just before he challenged me to that duel I doubt she would have undertaken that job if she knew how dangerous he was, he grunted.

Why wouldnt she? She started to ask it, only to understand halfway through. Argo was a talented information dealer, with the quickness to slip past all the monsters to reach the boss chamber of a labyrinth, but her expected gear and skill choices had to be noncombat focused. Kirito was concerned for her safety. Im sorry. Of course, youre right. This is a player killer were talking about; you cant just go asking her to stick her neck into danger, Asuna mumbled.

Kirito gave her a meaningful glance. She blinked in surprise. Of course, Im not thinking of doing this investigation on my own, okay? As long as thats clear, Kirito said.

His expression struck her as one of a younger boy doing his best to act like an adult. She couldnt help herself from reaching over and knuckling the shoulder of his black coat.

Nothing, she said, and stretched her hands up overhead.

Ahh, Im hungry! Show me the way to a restaurant thats good, not crowded, and clean on the inside. Kirito shook his head in annoyance, thought it over, then grinned. All right, I think I know just the place. After a few minutes of winding through suspicious-looking storefronts left and right, Asuna no longer had any idea where she was. She opened her map screen from the menu, but it was still a new area to her, so the surroundings were grayed out, and the most she knew was that she was on the southern side of the town.

It would be the same for Kirito, but he weaved his way through the maze of alleys without hesitation. Given that the beta was a whole four months ago, his memory was impressive. Do you have the layout of all the cities up to the tenth floor memorized? He shrugged.

Not all of them. My memory of Rovia was pretty vague I made this my base for about ten days. Why wouldnt you pick Rovia instead? At least that place was much prettieroh. Right, in the beta The canals were just roads in the beta. But I still dont know if Id make my home in Rovia now I bet Id get real tired of not being able to get around without a boat. I suppose youve got a point She glanced around. At some point the shops had trailed off and the lanterns thinned out, leaving only the ruins around them.

There were no players or NPCs on the path with them. If this were the real world, she would never consider walking alone with a boy in the dark after sunset like this.

Shed never had anything like a boyfriend, so the situation normally called for her caution radar to be operating at maximum output, but with the defense of the systems Anti-Criminal Code and her trusty rapier at her side, she was surprisingly unconcerned. In fact, she was even a little excited to see where he was taking her.

They spent another five minutes following Kiritos radar, through wooden doors and arches, until a gentle light appeared ahead. Set into the stone wall at the end of the narrow alley was a wooden door with lanterns on either side and a small sign planted in front.

The walls were too high to tell what was on the other side of the door, but at the very least, it seemed to be a business. Asuna trotted the last fifty feet, leaving Kirito behind so she could read the sign.

The days special was written in English below the name, with white chalk. Blink and Brink? Lets see, I know the word blink in English As she pondered the meaning of that one, Kirito caught up to her and reached for the door. Youll see inside what they mean by brink. After you.

He pulled the cast-iron ring on the door. A cold gust of wind emerged from within, and Asuna turned her face away. When it died down, she cautiously peered in. A square terrace lay beyond the door. Ahead and to the right were iron railings, while the left side connected to the restaurant.

Wood repairs replaced the crumbled stone ruins, and when combined with the large country-style window, the atmosphere felt delightful.

Sword art Online Light Novel Vol 1-21 Indonesia PDF EPUB Download

But Asunas gaze was drawn back to the terrace ahead. She passed through the doorway and crossed the stone terrace, weaving around three cast-iron tables until she reached the edge and grabbed the stomach-high railing with both hands. Kirito came up next to her and leaned against the railing.

Well, its the sky. But that was such a simple word for what she saw. Her vision was full of the night sky, black as ink on the right and transitioning to navy, indigo, purple, and finally the deep red of sunset on her left.

Up above was a crowded, starry tableau, looking ready to rain down light at any moment. Below was an endless sea of clouds, glowing faintly with the starlight from above.

She gazed at the stunning sight, feeling a numbing thrill run through her from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. When she looked closer, she saw a flock of large birds flying slightly above them.

They slowly crossed the sky from east to west until they disappeared in the curtain of stars. Asuna lost track of how long shed been standing there, but then her brain kicked back into action. She blinked and murmured, Of course Brink as in the brink of a cliff. Thats my guess.

I had to look it up in a dictionary back in the beta, Kirito replied. She glanced around again. The high walls on either side of the terrace curved gently, each side covering the base of a mammoth pillar that stretched all the way to the bottom of the floor above, three hundred feet away.

As the name suggested, they were at the very brink of Aincrad itself. Ive never been this close to the edge. And not since the beta for me Theres a jutting observation deck down in the Town of Beginnings on the first floor, but Ive hardly been back there. Just to confirmwhat happens if you jump over this railing?

He didnt respond at once.

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Kirito leaned his upper half over the railing to peer down. She instinctively grabbed his coat collar and pulled with all her strength. Kirito gagged and returned upright to the terrace with a strained smile. Look, Im not going to try it.

Dont go thrill seeking, now! Sorry, sorry. When I fell from the outer edge in the beta, I got the You are dead notice in midair and then resurrected in Blackiron Palace.

Sword Art Online Progressive - Volume 04 [Yen Press][Nyaa].pdf

Well, I bet its just the same now, except theres no resurrection. But the fence and terrace are indestructible objects, so theyre much safer than they would be in the real world. The swordsman held up a finger and added, Oh, right. In the beta, someone raced through the doors the moment they opened, hoping to order a limited-supply dish with a buff effect, but couldnt make such a hard left turn to the restaurant soon enough and plunged over the railing.

So watch out for that. I guess thats what the warning on the sign was for She recalled a scene from about twenty days earlier. In Urbus, the main town of the second floor, there was an enormous cake with a buff effect called the Tremble Shortcake. Stat effect aside, there was nothing better than eating a massive shortcake with spongy filling, dollops of cream, and scads of strawberries, without a single calorie to worry about.

Game On: Granny Goes Hollywood: Harlequin Intrigue December - Box Set 1 of 2: Harlequin Intrigue December - Box Set 2 of 2: Highland Ever After: HOT Justice: I Owe You One: Lee Prescott.

Magical Girl Raising Project, Vol. Murder, She Wrote: New Arrivals at Mulberry Lane: Full of family, friends and foes!

No Game No Life, Vol. No Stone Unturned: Of Blood and Bone: Outbreak Company: Permanently Suspended: The Rise and Fall Rick and Morty vs. Say No to the Duke: Say Nothing: Silent Night: I have been trying for 2 months to download the book but it's not available in my county yet. Synopsis In a world of fantasy, adventurers come far and wide to jo…. It's just a matter of when, where and how you die. It's the day of the 1st floor boss strategy meeting. The solo player Kirito, who's decided to only strengthen himself, meets a rare female player on the current front lines, while heading to the meeting around noon.

Fighting alone against the strong monsters, she was like a meteor cutting the night sky. A compilation of Aria in the Starless Night, where Kirito becomes known as the Black Swordsman, the events concerning the 2nd floor boss clearing, and Rondo of the Transient Blade, the sad tale of a young male blacksmith.

D ownload Here.Why wouldnt you pick Rovia instead? In the third, they were turned into birds. Daily Readings from Next Level Thinking: In the beta, someone raced through the doors the moment they opened, hoping to order a limited-supply dish with a buff effect, but couldnt make such a hard left turn to the restaurant soon enough and plunged over the railing.

Asuna fixed him with a glare, deciding shed make him test the dishes first for poison. Volume 11 Book by , ONE. The game probably registered her striking the table as a signal for service. Mortes just an exception to the rule for now, a player working off motives that dont line up with our logic or reason. Show me the way to a restaurant thats good, not crowded, and clean on the inside.

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