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Jan 1, The book Strategic Human Resource Management By Jeffrey A. Mello will certainly consistently provide you favorable value if you do it well. #PDF Info. Fixed Layout. Read Anywhere Info. Read Anywhere % Offline Strategic Human Resource Management 4th Edition by Jeffrey A. Mello and. 1–2. The Strategic View of Human Resources. Employees are human assets that increase in value to the organization and the marketplace when investments of.

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It will not make you feel bored. Finally, the participants were asked about the skills and knowledge required by HR professionals. Respondents perceive that their involvement in all HR activities has increased. According to our survey results, the activities in which HR professionals are most involved include wage and salary administration, incentives and benefits, HR policies, security, staffing, employee relation and employee development Figure 7.

HR Challenges To determine the top seven HR challenges facing HR departments in the UAE private educational institutions, we asked our participants to rank a list of 20 items in order from the most significant to least significant.

Once aggregated, we determined that reducing overall human capital costs is clearly the most significant challenge facing HR departments in the UAE educational private educational institutions.

Building leadership capability is ranked as the second most significant challenge. Retaining key talent, driving cultural and behavioral change in the institution, increasing workforce productivity, workforce planning, and constrains on headcount were ranked three through seven respectively.

Figure 8 shows the rank order of HR challenges, as perceived by survey respondents.

To do this, we asked two open-ended questions. We asked participants to list five immediate priorities. We then coded the responses and aggregated that data to determine the total number of occurrences for each priority, and put these priorities in rank order. Aggregate data reveal that the number one immediate priority for HR departments is building leadership capabilities.

Driving cultural and behavioral change in the institutions ranked the second place. Tied for third place are retaining key talent and workforce planning, and increasing workforce productivity is in fifth. Figure 9 illustrates the immediate priorities for HR departments. Data revel that the top five pieces of knowledge that HR professionals think is an understanding of business principles, with Broad HR knowledge is ranked second, with An understanding of employment law and political power are tied for third and fourth, cited by An understanding of the country political system is in the fifth place, with Figure 12 illustrates the distribution of training budgets across this group.

Our findings suggest that HR departments in 35 educational institutions who responded to our survey confirmed the results in the finding section. Institutions rely on HR to strategically groom talent that will help them achieve high performance.

Extending beyond a traditional focus on HR administration yields measurable results, improve profits, and enable an organization to grow for a long term. HR innovation means building on the tactical aspects of the discipline to align with business strategy and transcend the conventional concept of HR.

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Tasks such as applying benefits programs, salary administration, and development of employees will always carry central importance. However, by working in a strategic context including the HR role in coaching, connecting, and empowering a new generation, HR can make a direct impact on the bottom line and drive high performance.

Based on the results and findings, the HR departments in the UAE educational institutions did not pass the first contribution of HR in organizations represented in the literature review. As proposed by Dave Ulrich, it is providing information management and basic transactions by processing of new hire documentation, payroll, and benefits enrollment.

HR managers need to have some degree of formal authority in order to complete the HR practices and functions and play a strategic role in the educational institutions. Every institution strives to increase its profits and cut costs. However, HR has traditionally focused almost all on the cost cutting simply because cutting people cost is relatively easy.

Unfortunately, cutting people costs can have negative consequences like failing to increase worker productivity. However, it was not easy to gather information from HR managers in other institutions. This led to a research study that is somewhat geologically limited.

Additional primary research is needed to clarify mechanisms underlying these findings, taking into consideration government educational institutions, culture, and leadership styles.

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Strategic Human Resource Management

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Porter Pratt, M. Academy of Management Journal, 40 4 , Joan, Nour. Samia , Deficiencies in education and poor prospects for economic growth in the Gulf countries: The case of the UAE.

Published by the society for Human resource Management, , pp. Wofford, T. Wyne F. Cascio Managing Human Resources; productivity, quality of work life, orofits. Seventh edition, McGraw-Hill Irvin, pp.The book was okay, however, I needed the 3rd edition and this book is the 4th! Employee Training and Workshops - deliver technical information as well as company expectations about sustainability to employees Company Visits - learn from other organizations that have successfullyimplemented sustainability initiatives Employee Volunteering Opportunities - opportunities to enable employees to contribute their knowledge and skills to social and environmental projects and learn first-hand about their impact 8.

Seventh edition, McGraw-Hill Irvin, pp. Unfortunately, Mello's writing in each chapter is fairly short and journal articles comprise the bulk of each chapter.

However, by working in a strategic context including the HR role in coaching, connecting, and empowering a new generation, HR can make a direct impact on the bottom line and drive high performance.

Meddy rated it liked it Sep 19, It will not make you feel bored. Investing in sustainability has potential benefits for the corporation, as it signals to stakeholders that it is committed to social and environmental goals, which has been linked to positive corporate performance, competitive advantage, customer loyalty, enhanced company image and goodwill, legitimacyand improvements in employee recruitment and retention.

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