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Hence, it is specifically stated that a genuine spiritual teacher should initiate a women only through her husband. This idea is implied when Sree Gurucharitra enjoins a woman to so revere her husband even if, in consequence of her misdeeds in a previous life, she were to obtain a husband who is wicked and cruel in this life.

The same is implied when Sree Guru admonishes a seeker that forsook his Guru for being what seemed to be cruel and exacting. Besides, Sree Guru says to the said disciple that it is a sin even to see the face of one who forsakes his Guru. For it shows the latters unworthiness.

So too, a widow came to be looked upon as an omen of ill luck in the Indian society; for it was believed that her violation of the sanctity of marriage in some way in her previous life is responsible for her unfortunate condition in the present life. This might in fact be a device to ensure that a young widow takes all the precautions to see that her own devotion to her late husband does not waver through free mingling with men and women.

The life of a widow is, like that of a sannyasi, total dedication to spiritual endeavour. Only, the latter lives under the care of her sons or brothers, while the former wanders homless. Such a plan of life enables man to see through the lure of instinctive drives and to qualify for the guidance of a Sadguru. It takes many lives to prefect and most of us fall off almost at every turn. The Sadguru perseveres through all of them to draw us again on to the path. This truth has been amply affirmed by even modern saints like Sai Baba of Shirdi and Swami Samarth of Akkalkot, the two latest avatars of Lord Dattatreya.

Sree Guru Charitra affirms the caste system of the Veda. The Veda views the society as an organism which naturally produces groups of individuals with different aptitudes and organ, so that each group can function like a speacialised organ, for the well being of the whole. But, as man is endowed with intelligence, playing his legitimate part in the life of the total system involves deliberate choice and discipline under the guidance of the sages.

This ensures further development of the individuals abilities which is imperative for his spiritual perfection. On the other hand, whenever faith in the system flags, the individuals attach fanciful values to certain occupations and scramble for them. In the ensuing struggle, the earlier identification of their groups with the names of castes plays havoc, as it now doing in India.

To ensure against such decay, each of the castes was taught its own dharma, its values and its relation to thedharma of the others. The Sudra who serves the other three castes and enables them to function effectively is the foot on which the social organism, or the Collective Soul stands. And hence devout Hindus bow to the feet of the Lord. Vaisya the producer or trader of all goods and grain, depends immediately upon the Sudra; so he corresponds to the thighs of the Lord.

The Kshatriya who guards law and order within the society and protects it from external aggression is said to have originated from the arms of the Lord. The Brahmin is the guardian of all the branches of knowledge and their grand synthesis in the wisdom of the Self Brahman. He, lke the theorectician in the Marxist society, guides the material and the spiritual pursuits of the society in strict harmony and ensures that neither or them encroaches upon the other; the first three ashramas are the bedrock on which the fourth one stands and to which they lead.

Like all organisms, the social system too decays in time, despite all care. The direction of change is from its pristine state in the Krita Yuga to its total decay in the Kali Yuga. All through, the collective life-force strives its best to arrest and delay the process of social decay and repeatedly attempts to restore it as far as possible.

The Collective Soul of mankind manifests itself as repeatedly the Spiritual Masters, the Gurus, to redefine tradition and to correct the aberrations of dogmatism. So did the Christ for the Jewish law and Mohammed for the Arab law.

Thus the Smriti texts enjoin strict adherence to their dictates in general. They specifically state that the instructions of a perfect sage have a precedence, when on can find such. So too, regarding the implementation of law, on is told to follow the practice of the Wise as the model. Yet, human nature being a part of the natural phenomenon of decay, we find orthodoxy fanatically adhering to its own forms of inhumanity in the name of the sacred law, inspite of what the Gurus and tradition texts teach them.

To counter this Guru Charitra Page 9 of 89 trend, the sages strengthen the faith and wisdom in the hearts of individuals, that the practice of religious rites and rituals like yagnas andVratas is an essential part of Karma or righteous action, intended to nullify the defects of past misdeed and ensure proper motivation for right action in the future births.

The assurance of Sree Guru that he would forever abide at Gangapur and go around the village for bhiksha at noon is literally true even today. It is customary for devotees visiting the holy place to go for bhiksha too. On my second visit to the place in , while partaking of it under a tree, I remarked to a south Indian sadhu who sat by me, that Sree Gurus eternal presence might be a well- meant fabrication. At first, he seemed to doubt whether it would be worth the while to try to enlighten me.

Later, his attitude changed. He said, Listen, I have been visiting this place for a few decades. Once, as I was devoutly reading Sree Gurucharitra at the Sangama, I suddenly felt that I should try or recognize him some day when he comes for bhiksha and seek his personal blessing. Accordingly, I studied the holy book with ever greater zeal.

At the same time, I began to observe every devotee that arrived there on days when visitors were the fewest, so that I can identify any other form in which Sree Guru might turn up for bhiksha.

Day by day, my expectation grew up to a high pitch, when at last it was like an ecstasy that gripped by being throughout the day.

One night, Sree Guru appeared in my dream like a pious brahmin and said in a stern voice, Fellow, dont try to catch me amidst the crowd of visiting devotees. It is my secret and it does not behove you to probe it.

The next minute, I woke up and reflected on the dream. I could vividly remember that despite his form and appearance, I was sure that he was Sree Guru. Evidently, my zealous prayer and trial have evoked a response from him.

Having come thus far in my effort, should I relent? I decided to press on till I could achieve my object. Strangely enough, from that day onwards, I never again experienced that sense of his presence which swayed my whole being earlier. I was only quietly happy and assured that I was in sight of my success.

One day, the devotees of Gangapur were unusually fewer and it was my best opportunity to observe and note them individually. At about 7. I was feeling giddy and extremely weak. At once, I lay down under a tree and fell asleep. When I woke at about 3 p. It was long past the hour of bhiksha.

Yet as it was my vow to live only on bhiksha, I at once proceeded to a few houses and called out for the same. At all the places, I was told that they had nothing left to give me. At one house, when I doggedly pleaded, the master of the house was furious and said: You seem to have come here only to fill your belly, you worthless sadhu!

When you came for the noon-bhiksha, I gave you a roti! I protested that I did not come for bhiksha that day at all.

But a few passers by confirmed the mans accusation. I had to give in and I quietly walked away, crest-fallen and weak. I knew that something had happened that I should face such ridiculous situation. That evening, I felt weak and lost all my appetite and slept very early.

Again, the same brahmin appeared in my dream: Admist laughter, he was telling his companions; how he had fooled me. At last, he said to me. Yesterday, as you were asleep, I went in your form for bhiksha! Henceforth, I gave up my foolish attempt. Now I know that Sree Guru is here and is quite responsive.

The sadhu met me the next day and incidentally told me that a few decades ago, the priests at the muth, on the eve of an important festival, were cleaning the padukas of Sree Guru with water and coconut fiber. The later contained a small piece of coconut-shell. When the priest rubbed a little hard, there was a scratch on one of the padukas and blood oozed out of it.

The priests were all quite scared and tried their best to stop it but in vain. They panicked and sent word to His Holiness, Sree Vasudevananda Saraswathi who was then camping nearby. The holy one rushed to the muth and, when he chanted a few verses glorifying Sree Guru, the bleeding stopped.

Would the padukas bleed again, if.. Perhaps they would, if the Lord chooses to bless you with such an experience! Indeed, experiences are personal and cannot be Guru Charitra Page 10 of 89 thus argued about.

If we have such an experience, would it suffice another? Should we not put our hand to the plough and never turn back? To Spiritual Aspirants Identifying and contacting a Sadguru, a Perfect Master, is the crux of the problem of spiritual evolution of man, both collective and individual, especially in the present times, when the mass media and fanfare have made it more of a craze that a serious persuit.

Yet, fortunately for the serious-minded, there is a hope and a clears way; the devout study of Sree Guru Charitra. The phenomenon is analogous to that of a remote control initially, leading to immediate personal contact: a gadget must be capable of receiving the remote commands; the seeker too has to evolve in himself, some potential which can respond positively to the subtle, all pervasive spiritual field of the Master. The study of Sree Guru Charitra does just this for us.

And it can be developed ad infinitum. The study of Sree Guru Charitra focuses our inherently extrovert awareness on that spiritual potential in us, of which Sree Guru is an objective manifestation, an Archetype, a sort of reflector of our awareness on to its original Self. As we persevere deligently, our awareness gets oriented to his presence every moment of our life.

At one stage, the message is strong and unmistakable; the goal, the Perfect Master is sighted. In his perpetual immediate presence, our potential matures and the Seeker and the Sought become one. Till then, Sree Guru Charitra is the Master, this end of this innate tie. And such a one never proclaims himself to the world. For him there is no world apart from the Master, no seeking for disciples and no need of constant reassurance of his credentials to anyone.

The path may seem too long for some. But if one is genuinely interested in it, the pleasure of it is the journey; only such a one reaches the goal. For, it is not an outward journey with spatial and temporal implications, but it is an inward ripening. The fruit ripens through contact with the tree. The proper method of studying the text is to begin it on a Thursday and to conduct it as below: Keep a beautiful picture of Sree Dattatreya and or of Sree Guru.

Offer a light or a candle, joss sticks, flowers and sandal paste. Invoke His presence by chanting the verse in praise of the Guru, i. Adorations to such a Guru. Then offer a few pieces of candy to Him. Then read the book as follows: The first day 7 chapters; second and third days, 4 chapters each; thereafter, two chapters per day.

On the concluding day, feed three or at least one pious brahmin, sadhu or a poor man. We must look upon him as a form of Sree Guru. We keep reading like this over and over again. One may read it once in 3 days or even a day, ardently seeking His guidance. Vijayadasami Acharya E.

Bharadwaja 2. Chapter 1 As long as we do not realize the Supreme Self, the universe looks frightening as a snake that is illusorily projected on to a rope in darkness.

The moment the Self is realized, the illusory nature of the Guru Charitra Page 11 of 89 phenomenal universe is experienced. The nondual reality which manifests itself as the many to the erring intellect, but which is realized to be One is indeed the parabrahman and Lord Datta is it- the one who in His mercy, manifested Himself as Lord Datta, the son of the sage Atri and Anasuya, to enable His devotees, Kartaveeryarjuna and King Yadu, to realize the Self. Even now, He responds to the call of His loving devotees at the confluence of rivers Krishna and Bheema and has been perpetuating His mission.

He can be realized through gynana or knowledge. Those who transcend the duality of likes and dislikes born of sensory experiences of objects, through the power of discrimination get liberated from the strangle hold of ignorance. To such a one, only the Supreme Lord is the object of love. It is for the sake of such discriminating ones that the Lord assumes the sporting form of a human being. In every age, He thus manifests himself and restores righteousness through the adherence to His own duties enjoined by the scriptures and then shuffles off His form.

In this cosmic cycle of the Day of Brahma, twenty-eight cycles of the four Yugas cosmic epochs had passed in the Swetavarahakalpa. Having known that even the cosmic deities become unresponsive in this wicked age of Kali, He again manifested Himself. He exists in the subtle form of a renunciate sage, manifesting His miraculous and divine sport at the confluence of the rivers Krishna and Amaraja. The glory of this manifestation of the divine is indescribable.

Even at the moment of His birth, He uttered the mystic syllable Om and by the mere touch of his hand, He transmuted iron into gold. Even before he learned the alphabet, he taught the Vedas to his disciples and expounded the Vedanta to his parents in his childhood. Even at that young age, he visited the holy places of pilgrimage, practiced yoga and restored the tradition of renunciation to its pristine purity by his own practice.

He cured the intestinal illness of his devotee by making him partake of the very food, which is prohibited by medical science. He transformed a tongueless man to an elegant expounder of wisdom. He terminated the poverty of a man by his mere blessing and enabled him to visit three holy places in the wink of an eye.

He revived the dead, made a barren cow yield milk. He conferred the vision of His cosmic form on his devotee, Trivikrama and humbled the pride of the learned. He made a devotee of a low caste recite the Veda by his mere blessing.

He terminated the widowhood of a lady and explained the subtleties of karma yoga to a devotee. He made a withered twig grow into a tree and blessed a barren woman with offspring by his mere look.

He cured one of leprosy. He presented himself in eight forms simultaneously at the houses of his eight devotees on the holy day of Deepavali the festival of lights. He transformed a farm that was prematurely harvested into one of plentiful yield.

He performed and has been performing such miracles. It may be possible to count the stars in the sky, the grains of sand on earth and the drops of water in the ocean, but not the infinite divine attributes of the Lord. Though he is the Spirit without any form, he miraculously assumes a form and enters his devotees heart through the gateway of his hearing and cleans his heart and liberates him in this very life from ignorance.

The devotee who has transcended the dualism of joy and sorrow, whether he is free from his body or not, will surely attain perfection, the moment he works out the store of his karma called prarabdha. This is a truth, which cannot be understood by those who do not bask in the association with the will, and who are thus blinded by the force of their infatuation and preoccupation with sensory pleasures.

Those who lead their life according to the form of righteousness that is enjoined by scriptures; in accordance with their innate tendency; and those who have faith and devotion in the deities and saints; those who thus ever live in the light of their discrimination, are free from the false sense of agency in actions and free from craving for the fruits of their actions, are true renunciates who attain both divine security in life and liberation afterwards.

Having listened to such a noble and glorious account of the manifestation of Sree Guru, a Brahmin by name Namadharaka Sharma who, disillusioned with the cravings of mundane existence, ever lived, devoting all his life to the contemplation and glorification of the noble qualities of the Guru, Guru Charitra Page 12 of 89 arrived at the confluence of the rivers Bheema and Amaraja.

Thereby he realized the Lord. With the single object of directly contacting the divine self of the Guru, he worshipped Lord Ganeshwara in order to ward off impediments in his endeavour and Goddess Saraswathi, in order to obtain right knowledge. Then, he at last succeeded in achieving his object by glorifying the Guru, who reached out to him in the form of the story of his Divine Sport, recounted by a living human form. Namadharaka glorified the divinity of Sree Guru thus: Oh, All knowing one!

Dont you know me? Oh, witness of the whole universe, dont you see me? Oh, all pervading one, dont you hear my cry? Or, even though you have heard me, do you choose to ignore me? IF you know what I am, why does my misery persist? In case you ignore me, is it proper for you to ignore your devotees?

It is not proper for you to mean that I should resort to some other deity; for you are the one Spirit and Lord of all deities. Moreover, you are our ancestral deity. How could I leave you and seek the protection of some other deity? I know that you are my Lord. Or, you being the Supreme, do you ignore me, because I am but one among thy myriad creatures just as the king is known to all his subjects but he does not know every one of them individually?

This may be possible in the case of little knowing mortal of a king, but it cannot be so in your case. For oh Lord, you are all knowing.

If you say that you would grace me in return for my service, or through offerings of charity, it is not proper. He who does good only in return for some service cannot be a true giver. Such a one is, indeed, a selfish giver. Just as the sun affords light and you have bestowed your grace on the sage Dhruva and Vibheeshana and bestowed the highest spiritual state on them.

In a similar fashion, may you bestow on me your blessed vision! The nine types of treasures and the eight supernatural powers are your servants. Can you need anything? What is it that I can offer you?

You are ever full. What can I do for you? Even ordinary kings on earth ever protect their servants. Oh you, Sustainer of the whole universe, you have already received my worship. Why do you ignore me? Oh, Lord of all deities, are you pained at some falling of mind? It is not proper for you who are the abode of grace to be so. Even a human mother does not mind if a child kicks her with its feet. Always the one or the other of the human parents ever protects their children. You are the Father and Mother of the whole creation.

If you, who are my Father and Mother, are not merciful to me, I am helpless. It is not proper for you to say that you have withheld your mercy from me, owing to my failings. For all my actions are prompted by ignorance such is my innate nature. I am doomed to do all those things, which I condemn as bad. Do you say that I should undo them by the contrary righteous action?

If most of my actions are holy and only a few of them are unholy, it is possible for me to rectify them through praayaschitha penitentiary actions. Indeed, even such penitentiary actions, are afraid of me, even as a cow is afraid of a tiger.

How is it possible to remove the blackness of a blackgram? Even so, how can japa and dhyana purify me, who am the very form of sin? Oh Lord, there is no sinner like me and there is no destroyer of sin like you, therefore give up your indifference towards me, Oh Lord, and protect me who has no other refuge.

Even flint seems to melt with kindness at my cry of despair. What happened then to your mercy, Oh merciful Lord? Why dont you protect me, who is a slave of death? He started fasting onto death. One day he wandered about and finally fell asleep under a tree. He had a blissful dream in which he saw a great wandering yogi.


He had matted hair and besmeared his body with holy ash. He wore a tiger skin and he wore rosaries of rudraksha in his neck and on his arms. The very sight of the holy one had completely quenched the blazing fire of his longing to see Sree Guru. With tears of joy, Namadharaka prostrated before the holy one, bathed his sacred feed in his tears of joy and wiped them clean with his own long hair.

The yogi raised him up and blessed him by keeping his hand on Namadharakas head and put holy ash on the latters forehead. Guru Charitra Page 13 of 89 3. Chapter 2 When Namadharaka woke up, his dream had infused in him a determination to contact that avadhuta on the physical plane.

He wandered about, deeply meditating on the form he saw in his dream. At last, he saw a yogi who was merciful and who transcended the dualities like joy and sorrow. Indeed, he was the same yogi who appeared in his dream.

Namadharaka was thrilled to see him and the hair on his body stood up on end. With a quivering voice, he hailed the holy one thus: Lord! You are my father, mother, protector, teacher and dispeller of fear. Whither are you going? It is my good fortune that you have appeared to me now.

Fellow human beings flock around one, only in time of his prosperity and desert him in times of misery. Only the holy ones come to his rescue, when in distress. You are my all in all. And I am disillusioned with all worldly ties. I have realized the five miseries that afflict the mortals. I am one Namadharaka. I am desperately in search of Sree Guru and I am determined to even to lay down my life in the search.

It is not possible for every one to dispel my deep despair. But at the very sight of you, my heart is filled with bliss. The siddha the perfect one replied: I am the disciple of Sree Guru whose devotees are ever assured of both physical sustenance during their life and spiritual liberation.

He ever abides later on the banks of river Bheema. He is beyond the reach of the three modes of existence thrigunas and his true nature can be perceived only by yogis in their meditation. I have attained realization by the grace of Sree Guru and wander about this earth for the welfare of all beings. I am known as Siddha the perfect one. Namadharaka said, Lord!

Your teacher Sree Guru is indeed our ancestral deity. I have been serving him with faith and devotion. How is it that he has been throwing me in this ocean of misery?

Siddha replied, My son, even when others are angry with us, the guru ever protects us, his devotees. If, indeed, as you say, he were ever to get angry with us, there is none that can protect us from his wrath. Even when an ordinary mortal of a guru is angered, none can protect us. It looks as though you are estranged from the guru for such a breach of trust. He who is doubting and faithless is never accepted by one as disciple.

Then who can grace him who has no faith in Sree Guru himself and who is therefore ignored by him. Namadharaka asked, Lord, you have said that none can protect a man who has angered even a mortal of a teacher. Has this truth ever been confirmed in anyones experience? Besides, how did the divine, who is beyond the three-fold nature of all phenomena manifest himself thorough the same?

Siddha replied at length, Long long ago, the non- dual Supreme Self wished to manifest Himself as many. That wish is the Lords Maya, the divine creative power.


When he was in the sleep of yogic trance, the whole cosmos was created by the power of Maya. From the navel of Lord Vishnu emanated a divine lotus, from which sprang Brahma, the creator. Knowledge of vedas was bestowed on him by Vishnu.

In accordance with the Vedic wisdom, Brahma projected the universe. He also created the natural classification of the various codes of conduct for castes Varna and the four stages Ashramas of human life; to suit the human beings endowed with different propensities.

He also created the cycle of the four yugas or universal epochs. Of these, Kritayuga is symbolized by the principles of truth, dispassion, wisdom and religious sacrifice. The intricacies and details of yagna or religious sacrifice characterize the Tretayuga the third, when counted in the reverse order from the age of Kali, and which is thrice as long as the age of Kali.

The Dwapara epoch is weapon wielding. Kali age has its tongue and genitals prominently displayed signifying the preoccupations of the age. Another time he would complain that he did not clean his body, wounds, clothes smeared with stool and urine and consequently he was much troubled by 13 Shri Guru Charitra flies. When Sandeepak was attending on him, he would say why did he not go out for alms. In this way Sandeepak was harassed every now and then.

Yet Sandeepak tried his best to bring good delicious food and vegetables as directed by his Guru. Though he was living in Kashi, he never went to the Vishweshwar temple to worship and see the most holy shrine of Vishweshwar. Similarly he did not think of any other thing but he solely devoted himself to the nursing and giving best service to his Guru, whom he respected as God Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. Though the Guru got enraged off and on, he did not retort harshly.

Seeing his such devoted service to his Guru, Kashi Vishweshwar was so pleased that he appeared before him and told him to ask for some favor or blessing. If you permit me, I shall pray him to remove your physical pangs and give you sound health.

If I do not suffer these pangs, I will have to suffer in the next birth and this would abstract my path of salvation.

Guru Charitra

Hearing this, Shri Vishnu and Shri Kashi Vishweshwar desired to see this disciple and his Guru and so they both came to Kashi and approached Sandeepak. You may ask for what ever you desire. I shall fulfill your wishes. But when neither did I worship you, nor recite your name, why should you be pleased with me and ask me to have a boon from you? I love such disciples very much. I am under his 14 Shri Guru Charitra influence and I willingly offer him my blessings. I like wife's devotion to her husband, bowing to Brahmins.

Ascetics and Sanyasis, and such persons come to my place in the end.

As Guru is my God, Trimurties Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are within my reach, whatever blessings you give me; I shall be getting the same easily from my Guru. I am, therefore, serving my Guru devotedly. You are my loving child. Shri Shiva and myself are pleased with your devotion. Ask for a boon. We offer you what you desire. You have known Guru and also experienced Par-Brahma in yourself.

The word Guru contains only two alphabets; still it is the ocean of nectar. One, who dips into it even for a moment, will cross this worldly ocean. One who always remembers Guru is respected in all Lokas. Hearing this Veda Dharma too was extremely pleased.

You should stay in Kashi. What ever you say will be true. The same moment, the body of Veda Dharma muni became healthy and bright. He had suffered from leprosy and other pangs only for testing his disciple. Control your sense, Karma, Dnyan and also heart and other by you will win even the Great God i. I am much pleased at heart.

Will you kindly inform me where you stay? What is your food? I wish to be in your service. Studying the life of Shri Guru is like draining nectar. We shall not be affected by any disease incurred due to displeasure of the planets or other reasons.

I wish to know the life of Shri Guru. Will you please remove the darkness of my ignorance by the light of this life of Shri Guru, which is as bright as the Sun? I am obsessed by sex, anger and temptation. You will surely be relieved of your miseries, engrossed in illusion and temptation, those who doubt the great 17 Shri Guru Charitra power of Shri Guru, they have always to suffer from poverty and hardship. So give up suspicion. Shri Guru is an Ocean of Kindness. He will give you everything.

Just as clouds give rain everywhere, similarly Shri Guru gives showers of kindness. As water is stored in the deep portions of earth and on the rocky place, so an individual attains Shri Guru's favor. Therefore worship Shri Guru wholeheartedly.

Kindly tell me why Shri Guru took birth in Bharat? My good disciple, you have given inspiration to me. Shri Guru's life is like Kamadhenu. But these do not exist separately. He observed Ekadashi fast 11th day of every fortnight dark and bright. He induced Shri Vishnu to come to Earth.

That day Sadhan Dwadashi was only for 24 minutes after Sunrise. Ambarish received the Rishi warmly, worshiped him and requested him to return soon for dinner finishing his morning bath and rituals.

Seeing that the time for Dwadashi 12th day of fortnight was finishing and fearing the break of his Vrata, Ambarish took holy water and dines. In the meanwhile Durvas returned and seeing that Ambarish had dined before him, he was enraged and so he cursed Ambarish. Shri Vishnu came from Vaikunda, his abode. Ambarish told Shri Vishnu that Durvas had for no reason cursed him to take birth in different species.

Shri Vishnu told Durvas that he had cursed Ambarish in vain and that he should curse him Vishnu instead of Ambarish. So he said to Shri Vishnu, 'You should descend on the Earth ten times'. You know the ten incarnations of Shri Vishnu which are narrated in Bhagvat. Universe has come out of it. He is known as Hiranyagarbha.

Brahma thus created 14 Bhuvans, 10 directions, mind, speech, time, six enemies as desire, anger etc. Brahma created seven sons manas putras namely, 1. Marichi, 2. Atri, 3. Angiras, 4. Pulasti, 5. Pulaha, 6. Kratu and 7. Of these Shri Guru took birth in the house of Atri. She was very beautiful also. Seeing her exceptional devotion to her husband, the Gods in heaven began to fear that someday she might overcome them. She served her husband with body, mind and speech.

She also serves guests giving them desired food. None returns disappointed from her place. Fire, Sun and Wind are also afraid of her. We all are afraid of her. She may sometime win over this heaven. Therefore kindly do something to give us relief'. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh came to Atri Muni's Ashram in the mendicants' disguise, when Atri had been out to the river for daily rituals.

Give us food. Atri Rishi may take time to return. Anasuya seated them on carpets and began serving food on leaf-plates. We have come here from a long distance as we have heard of your beauty. We wish you to put off your garments and then serve us with food. If you do not comply with this. This made Anasuya bitterly anxious. She realized that some great personages have come to test her chastity. She thought that if they return without food she would lose sanctity of her penance.

Instantly all the three Gods were transformed into three newly born crying babies. She was terrified to see three crying babies. She put on her clothes and took the babies one after the other to her breast for feeding. What great power does a Pativrata possess!

Those who have 14 Bhuvans, 7 oceans and fire in the belly, were all satisfied with the little milk in her breast. Anasuya thus became the mother of the three Great Gods. She placed them in a cradle and pulled the string to and fro and began singing lullabies. It was midday. Atri Rishi returned from the river after finishing his rituals.

He was very much astonished to see Anasuya pulling the string of a cradle and singing songs. Anasuya narrated all that had happened.

Atri Rishi by power of intuition knew that the babies were Trimurties and so he bowed to them. The three Gods were also much pleased. They stood before him and told Atri to ask for a boon.

The Trimurties readily complied. Anasuya began to nurse and feed them. After some time Chandra and Durvas told their mother Anasuya that they both were going away for penance and that the third Datta would be staying with her; she should know him as Trimurti. After this Chandra and Durvas went away, Chandra went to Chandralok and Durvas went to he forest for penance. Datta or Dattatreya remained with Anasuya. Dattatreya is the founder of the seat of Shri Guru.

Bhagirath did his utmost to bring the Ganges on the Earth for the salvation of his forefathers, the Sagar Kings. Similarly a Brahmin woman worshipped Shri Dattatreya and hence Shri Dattatreya took birth from her womb. I shall now narrate this tale to you. Sumatha was his most devoted wife.

On one Amavasya day there was an anniversary day at the house of Apalraj. On that day Shri Datta came in disguise to his house for alms.

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Generally alms are not given to beggars, on the anniversary day. But though the Brahmins invited for the ceremony had not dined, Sumatha offered him alms. Hence Shri Datta was much pleased and he disclosed his divine appearance to her. You are well known in all the 14 Bhuvans. I begot children, but some of them died soon and of those that are surviving, one is blind and one is lame.

I therefore feel my life to be futile without a good son. I wish I should have a son who would be world famous and learned like yourself. Will you fulfill this desire of mine? You abide by his wishes. He will be learned. Saying this Shri Datta disappeared. Sumatha told this to her husband. He too was much pleased. Both believed that Shri Datta himself would come to their home in the form of a child.

He comes in the mendicant's form daily alms at midday. The husband said You did very well My forefathers will be more satisfied, as Shri Datta himself has taken alms to day. As you have obtained blessings from him, you will surely get a son. Thus they were passing their time with pleasure. Sumata became pregnant.

After the full period of nine months, she gave birth to a son. Brahmins foretold that this child will be a great Guru and an ascetic. Even at this age, he knew all four Vedas, Mimansa, Thark Logic etc.

All people wondered at his brilliancy and said he must be a God in human form. When Shripad was sixteen years of age his parent began to think of his marriage. Shripad warned that would marry with the woman called disintrigation. All other ladies liked mother to him.

I love Yoga and my name is Shri Vallabha. I now intend to go to the forests for observing penance and obtaining divine knowledge.

Still due to affection, they were very much aggrieved. Saying so the mother became unconscious. I shall give you what you wish. We have two other sons; but one is lame and the other is blind, who will look after them? Instantly the blind brother got his sight and lame one got his legs.

Both became learned, well versed in Vedas, Shastras and Vyakaran. Just as iron is transformed into gold by the touch of the philosopher's stone, so both the brothers were enlightened and they became respectable due to the blessings of Shripad. You will be happy in this world and shall get salvation in the end. But your sons will live for years. They will have sons and daughters and you will see them living merrily.

They will have wealth for generations and shall be famous for their learning. Now do not prevent me from going to forest. I have to go to the North to guide the Sadhus. After some days he went to Badri Narayan. He visited holy places one after the other and in course of time one day reached Gokarna. What is its significance?

Shripad Shri Vallabha reached Gokarna and on his way he made disciples and gave them divine advice. Gokarna is a sacred place of Shri Shiva and one of the twelve famous Jyotirlingas. Shri Ganesh founded here the original Linga-image of Shiva.

It is known as Mahabaleshwar, the tale of which I shall narrate to you now. She worshiped a new Shiva Linga every day. One day she could not get a new Shiva Linga. Seeing this, Ravana asked her what she was doing. She said that she was worshiping a Shiva-Linga. Well what do you intend to achieve by this worship? I shall bring Kailas itself to you'. Saying this, he went to Kailas and began to shake it violently with his 20 hands.

He tried to lift it up. Due to this action of his, 7 Patals were shaken, Shesh moved his hood, the tortoise began to tremble with fear. Amarpur capital of Indra the King of Gods and Heaven were shocked. When everyone was distress how are you lying at ease? Please do something to check this calamity. Ravana, one of my devotees, is playing a game'.

For give me. I seek your shelter. Kindly do not kill me, your devotee. Ravana then cut his head, turned his hands into violin, he attached his intestines to serve as musical wires.

He then began to chant Sam Veda and sing other Ragas on the tune of this musical instrument. Ask for whatever you desire'. I possess all the 8 treasures.

Brahma is my priest, and all 33 crore Gods are serving me day and night. The Sun, the Moon, the Varuna and the Wind also obey me. Agni Fire God washes my clothes; Yama does not take away anybody without my permission. Indrajit is my son and Kumbakarna is my brother. Kamadhenu is at my doors. Kindly fulfill my mother's desire. I shall give you Atma-Linga, which will fulfill all her desires instantly. It is just like my soul. One, who worships this Linga continuously for 3 years, will gain my prowess.

One, who possesses this Linga, will live for eternity; one is relieved of any great sin, simply with the sight of this Linga.

Do not place this on the ground till you reach Lanka. Ravana has become immortal. You will lose all your prominence. Shri Shiva 27 Shri Guru Charitra has given him Atma-Linga and has assured him that if he would worship it for 3 years with devotion, he will be Ishwar himself. How will you then rescue 33 crores of gods who are in his custody. Better you all be his slaves. Also send divine damsels like Urvashi, Rambha, Menaka etc. Being shocked, Indra requested Narad to advise what he would do.

Narad asked him to go to Brahma. Indra and Narad went to Brahma and narrated what had taken place. Then accompanied by Indra and Narad, Brahma went to Shri Vishnu and requested him to devise some means to overcome this calamity. Shri Vishnu was enraged to hear this tale. He, with all others immediately went to Shri Shiva. How do you bless such cruel persons? Now he will conquer even heaven. He cut his head and hands and made a violin using his intestines as strings and sang Sam Veda and other songs in different ragas.

This time if he had asked for Parvati, I would have given her even to him. Well tell me when did you give the Ling to Ravana? Then he called Ganesh and said to him, 'Ravana always disregards you. All bow to you first and you fulfill their desires. While those who speak ill of you, you bring obstacles in their undertakings.

Ravana deceived Shri Shiva and has taken away from him the most valuable Atma- Linga. So you should go to him in the form of a Brahmachari boy and winning his confidence, take the Atma- Linga from him at Sunset, when he would engage himself in the evening Sandhya and place the Linga on the earth.

If 28 Shri Guru Charitra you do so, the Linga will remain there. Saying this Shri Vishnu gave Ganesh various sweets, tilballs, gur, coconut kernel, milk, gee sugar etc.

Narad had already proceeded. Ganesh followed him hurriedly. Narad approached Ravana and said, 'I had just been to Kailas and knew that you pleased Shri Shiva by your hard penance and have brought his Atma-Linga from him. You have obtained extraordinary power and strength due to this. This Linga has great significance.

Please let me see the Linga, I shall explain to you all its qualities. Narad asked, 'Do you know when and how this Linga came into existence? This is a very interesting account. A black skinned bright deer having all fragrant things was lying in Brahmand-Khand. Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh once went there for hunting.

They killed this deer and satisfied their hunger with its flesh. The deer had 3 horns on its head and 3 Lingas below. Each one of them took one Linga and preserved it as his Atma-Linga.

One, who worships this for 3 years, becomes Ishwar himself. The place where this Linga is place is like Kailas. Therefore Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh have great prominence over all other gods. Let me proceed further on my way. You know the Vedas, you should act as prescribed by the Vedas. This is the time for evening Sandhya. Let us perform the same.

Ravana thought that that boy would not deceive him. Better observe Sandhya entrusting the Linga to that boy. So thinking he approached Ganesh, who was afraid to see Ravana with ten heads coming to him.Yet I am not relieved of this sin. Knowing that the life is running fast, those who do not lead religious and virtuous life are like beasts.

Mahanubhav tradition: Along with Krishna , the Mahanubhav tradition considers Dattatreya as their divine inspiration. How this bright beautiful Temple has been created here within a night. One day she could not get a new Shiva Linga.

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