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ShopNotes Issue - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Shop Notes May-Jun Uploaded by. clevesanders · ShopNotes. January. Issue March. Issue May. Issue July. Issue September. Issue November. Issue Volume Shop Notes. -Doug. In case you have never noticed, building (and flying) .. I recommend mph for rendezvous airspeed, because the RV's.

The 5"long slots let the jig accommodate a wide range of workpieces.

After routing the slots with a straight bit in the router table, I screwed the baseplate to the router. The Guides. This simply makes them easier to grasp and adjust when the router and jig are resting on the workpiece. The spacing of the holes in the guides should precisely match that of the slots in the baseplate.

When installed, you want be able to adjust them easily on the baseplate.

Shop Notes 135 May-Jun 2014

And that brings us to the final step. Sink a carriage bolt firmly into each hole, pass the ends through the slots in the baseplate and add washers and wingnuts. I will do my best to take care of YOU.

At Your Service, Chitswood. In the event that an item is received. They appear complete but have NOT been checked page-by-page.

Issue Possibly slight flaws. Vol 13 Issues 74, 75, 77, Magazine Lot.

Vol 14 Issues , Vol 10 Issues 55, Smoke Free. They are in good pre-owned condition, and contain lots of great information for the novice or the seasoned woodworker. Four magazines: We pride ourselves in the ability to get your treasure out to you as soon as possible!

This will help you monitor tools to prevent them from breaking, and prevent parts being scrapped. This is good to use when you re carefully running through a program on a Haas.

This gives you much better control when testing a new program. When you re done using this feature, turn it off. This setting can be changed while running a program.

It cannot be on when Setting is on; when one of these settings is turned on, the other will automatically turn off. Turning the handle clockwise will cause a Feed Hold.

Scroll down to last line of program block. Press UNDO to deselect a highlighted program block.

English Literature in Transition, 1880-1920

UNDO will simply exit the block deinition and return the cursor function back to normal. It will not undo any edits done in block edit. F4 will swap the inactive program for the active program in the Advanced Editor. Displays help information. Advanced Editor Quick Cursor Arrow: You can call up a cursor arrow with which to scroll through your program quickly, line by line, when you re in the Advanced Editor.

For the quick cursor arrow, press F2 once; then you can use the jog handle to scroll line by line through the program.

To get out of this quickcursor mode and remain where you are in the program, just press the UNDO key. When you choose to accept the changes, Program Optimizer will edit your program with the new speeds, feeds and notes, while displaying the original values in parentheses.

Other books: IL GGG PDF

Additional information about the Program Optimizer is available from the Haas website From the Haas home page, click on Resource Center, and then enter Program Optimizer in the Search function. Spindle load condition can be defined for a particular tool, and the machine will stop if it reaches the spindle load limit defined for that tool.

Library-Wood Magazine

A tool overload condition can result in one of four actions by the control. The action is determined by Setting This will also help you monitor tools. Instead, the control will display the active alarm generated by the emergency stop. COM At the Resource Center, you ll ind a library of valuable information searchable by machine type and topic like maintenance, how-to videos, manuals, simple repair procedures, and lots more.

Go to HaasCNC. At HaasParts.Complete mailing address of known office of publication: But the beauty of having the recesses made with a CNC router is that theyre all identical. I built mine so the top shelf was closest to the wall to minimize maneuvering a heavy assembly into place. Issues include I will send an updated invoice. Depending on the makeup of the wheel.

The towers are made from plywood and joined with dadoes and rabbets Figures 2c and 2d. Magnetic catches keep them closed.

ShopNotes #100 - Ultimate Router Table

Cut them to size and drill a pair of oversized holes. All rights reserved.! This jig solves both problems.

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