Mazameen e quran and Muslim life. Topics mazameen e quran PDF book free download. Collectionopensource. LanguageUrdu. Mazameen. Mukhtasir Mazameen E Quran. IdentifierMukhtasirMazameenEQuran. Identifier- arkark://t4bp41t8f. Ocrlanguage not currently OCRable. mazameen quran ahkam aqaide ibadat islam muslim pdf book free download.

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Visit the following links to read online and also free download Mazamin e Quran e Hakeem complete book Urdu and English version in pdf. Aina e Mazameen e Quran. آئینہ مضامین قرآن. Online Read · Online Read And DownLoad · Click To DownLoad. Share this article: Related movie you might like . book Mazameen e quran hakeem ahl e hadeesin PDF format.

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Please do not use special characters in search. Tanzeem-e-Islami is a revolutionary organization working for Khilafah on the methodology of Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him as mentioned on Quran and Sunnah.

For more details see AboutUs section. Join Tanzeem! Download Bai'yah Forms. Preferred Web Links www. Israr Ahmed RA. Copyright by Tanzeem. Explains history and background of Tanzeem e Islami. Basic Mission of Tanzeem E Islami and it's objectives. Details about Ameer Tanzeem E Islami: Hafiz Akif Saeed.

Unity 2. The Tradition of the Prophet Muhammad 3. Reconstruction of the Community 3. The Story of Sahabah 4. New Possibilities of Dawah - 1 4. New Possibilities of Dawah - 2 5. Witness of Truth 1.

Islam: The Voice of Human Nature 2. Islam: Creator of Modern Age 2.

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Dawah and Hijrah 3. Religious Harmony and Islam 3. Patience 4.

Our Identity - 1 4. How to avoid Depression 5.

The Holy Quran

Mohammad Khan and most of all Patras Bukhari. I probably read the excerpt in my texbook more than times over the year and at that time I could remember it word by word. Then I got hold o It was hilarious!

Then I got hold of his book and treated it in the very same way. I have a feeling that it might not be that popular with adults or those who have left student life long ago, because most of the book is devoted to making fun of hostel and college life. It is undoubtedly a book to be treasured.

View 1 comment. Mar 19, Shaharyar Amjad added it Shelves: A collection of short essays for cheering you up. Makes you feel good even in worse moods. Makes you laugh and smile on each line. I did not find Patras Bukhari humorous like many others.

It was quite boring and I found it difficult finishing it. It only helped me strengthen my Urdu vocabulary. Mar 20, Anam Shafiq rated it it was amazing.

My first introduction with the writer was when i read the story 'Marhoom Ki yaad Mein'. It was extremely hilarious. This story forced me to grab this book and read it all! Dec 10, Ammara Abid rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oct 15, Tarun rated it it was amazing.

Jan 10, Joy John rated it it was amazing. Too good A combination of ever so classy Urdu and good old Indo-Pak comedy.

Sep 15, Muhammad Waqas rated it really liked it. One of the finest master piece of Urdu literature.


Nov 24, Saeed Mashaal rated it really liked it. A book that should be in every body's personal library, a masterpiece of Urdu literature. Aug 12, Kamran rated it it was amazing Shelves: Feb 13, Taha Babar rated it really liked it.

Read stories and they were enjoyable! Jun 24, Mir Sanaullah rated it really liked it. Patras has a unique sense of humour. His witty remarks, at things we don't usually give much heed to are exceptional. Hiss essays on Lahore and dogs are legendary.

There are a couple of essays I did not enjoy though, hence four stars. Oct 12, Saad Din rated it really liked it. In all it is a must read for Urdu lovers Oct 30, Waqar Ahmed rated it really liked it.

I had heard a lot about the famous Patras Kay Mazameen as being a must-read in the Urdu humour genre. It surely did not disappoint. The book has around 10 or 11 short humorous essays and almost all of them deliver.

Mazameen E Quran E Hakeem

My favourite ones were Saveray jo kal meri ankh khuli, Muridpur ka mir, Anjaam bekhair and Marhoom ki yaad mein. I really enjoyed Anjaam bekhair as it was the only essay which had dark undertones. Overall, Patras kay Mazameen is a quick read and is compulsory reading for anyone who is I had heard a lot about the famous Patras Kay Mazameen as being a must-read in the Urdu humour genre.

Overall, Patras kay Mazameen is a quick read and is compulsory reading for anyone who is either starting out in Urdu or wants to acquaint themselves with Urdu humourous literature. Feb 13, Wasi Rizvi rated it it was amazing Shelves:View by Author.

Patras Bukhari is revered as one of the best Urdu humourists, and for good reason. Pitras Bukhari changes the way you think of the world with his high class humor.

No notes for slide. While reading, you keep expecting another amazing one-liner coming your way and Patras sb doesn't disappoint you in that.

Ahmad A. Patras can pick up a very trite and boring topic like the Geography of Lahore and embellish it with such spices that one can't help reading it twice, thrice..

Quranic prism pdf free download. In all it is a must read for Urdu lovers

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