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PRINCIPAL ASPIRANTS MUST READ THIS Credit to Sir Junior Snave PTPA: Spoiler Alert (Contains my personal ideas but please do READ Carefully. Principals' Test (NQESH) Complete Reviewer | DEPED TAMBAYAN PH. For someone like you who want to take public service to the next level for the country's quality education by serving as a school principal, one of.

Which of the following is a stress tolerance psychological attributes? III and IV Create committees necessary to address the needs of the students.

Spearhead Brigada Eskwela Program in the school. Problem Identification IV. Is it possible to permit a graduating high school student to have an additional subject load in excess of normal load?

Linkage Management III. Performance Indicators II. How long should be the allotted minutes for religion classes which is spread at least two 2 meetings but not more than three 3 meetings per week? It was adopted already in his district for two 2 years.

An innovation was developed by Mr. How many points will be credited for him in the ranking for promotion? Canteen X has a total proceeds of Php It creates a safe. A used the formula. The PTA as a school organization has its functions and responsibilities attach therein.

What is being computed by Mr. In which of the following situations wherein service credits are granted? In the collection of the PTA contributions. In the communication skills of the teacher-applicant. Malaya National High School has 56 and above pupils per classroom. A teacher-member of the PTA refers to whom?

One of the legal bases of school-based management which enables communities to be more effective partners in the attainment of the national goals. Pambansang Mataas na Paaralan ng San Carlos was coded orange based on its needs of teachers. Under the school-based management system. What does this mean?

In giving the amount of school grant which ranges from Php 50 to Php Is a non-appointed court guardian of an enrolled student qualifies to be a member of a PTA?

What do BLUE. What is the teacher: How much is the share for the faculty and student development fund from the school canteen proceeds? In putting up a cordon on a school building perceived to be hazardous. In the localized suspension of the classes. Competence III. Fitness IV. Merit II. It refers to the secondary schools that maintain separate Book of Accounts. Which of the following is used in the selection of officials and employees for appointment in the DepEd? The school of Mr. What is the ideal teacher: As an Editor-in-Chief of the school organ.

What does this indicate? Who shall be members of the PTA? DECS Manual Chapter V. An individual appointed by a competent court as the legal guardian of the student.?

Under Republic Act A relative of the student within the 4th consanguinity or affinity provided that said relative has the care and custody over the child. How many days do an employee or a public official respond to letters. Summer classes is offered to students who have failed at most how many subjects? He obtained a general average of his performance rating for the last three 3 with 9. How many points will be credited for him?

What is being referred to when we say accumulation or sum of all values. In the allocation of the budget from the School Organization Fee. Among the terms used to define quality education. What form will he accomplish? What is the primary consideration in the filling up of vacancy in Grade V-VI for elementary schools? M found out that the Home Economics building is beyond repair.

He wanted to condemn it in order to protect the school children from any untoward incident. In strengthening Science and Mathematics Education at the secondary level. School operations fund will have how many percent from the net income derived from the operation of the canteen. Principal test reviewer shared to me by a friend, hope this would help you, too. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. SSG elections shall be conducted on what month of the school year?

Where does the governance of basic education start? Mc Clarens Laguerta. Amy Delos Reyes. Emjae Verbo.

Maricon Canieso Salanap. Myschool Lag-asan. Alfred Soliva. Akibo Tunde Williamson Davies. Mohamad Aizat. Which of the following is NOT the core principle in school improvement? To dip the National Flag to any person or object by way of compliment or II. Maka-tao c. Barasaoin Church c. I and II c. A comprehensive overview of major priorities. It is a document which embodies the school.

Which of the following is a prohibited act on the use of the National Flag? What leadership style is being shown? I and IV only. Organizing for Implementation. Expert Power c. Principal Y has low emphasis on performance but show high emphasis on people.

Laissez Fair Leader d. Referent Power d. Legitimate Power d. Principal T strives for a well-organized and challenging work environment with clear objectives and responsibilities and gets the job to be done by motivating and managing individuals and groups to use their full potential.

This is based on the formal rights one receives as a result of holding an authoritative position or role in an organization. Principal Y is greatly admired by the teachers. Coercive Power d. This enables the leader to reward followers who serve the purpose.

Implementation start-up. III and IV only. Autocratic Leader c. Autocratic Leader b. Referent Power b. Laissez Faire Leader b.

Democratic Leader c. Principal Q puts low emphasis on performance and on people. What power influence is being shown? Legitimate Power c.

NQESH (Final Mock Test) with ANSWERS.docx

Autocratic Leader. Reward Power d. Expert Power b. Referent Power c. Human Relations Leader c. Legitimate Power b.

Original b. It is a document focused in learning composed of Professional development Plan of school head. Appointment c. In what issuances you can read the Performance-Based Bonus details? DepEd Memorandum b. Regular Permanent c. Alternative Learning System c.


He wants always want to set his best foot forward. What issuance should be prepared? Democratic Leader b.

Bulletin d. Evaluation b. Mathematics Department wants to hold a Math Fair on December To praise the teachers. It is aimed at enabling the acquisition of Basic Education competencies for all Filipinos. Principal M wants everything to be in order in the school at all cost. To appraise the teachers. Teacher X met all the qualifications except that of eligibility. To evaluate teachers. What should be issued to Teacher X?

Education for All d. To assess the teachers. DepEd Order c. This refers to the process of searching for and identifying job candidates in sufficient quality and quantity? DepEd Memorandum c. Laissez Faire Leader Page low emphasis on people. How many days do a receipt of request by the school to the issuance of official school documents? He puts over emphasis on performance but a. Which of the following is a group of internal members of the school in the c.

Barangay Officials b. RA b. Johanne graduated as Magna cum Laude in one of the prestigious university in the country. The passing grade for all CSC written examinations except for examinations covered by special laws is at least? Teachers d. Examination of employees. In what level in the SBM scale of practice when the school intensifies mobilization resources?

PD c. The tool considered most objective for measuring merit and fitness for employment. RA d. Custodial Service d. Principal Page community?

A Public School Teacher is classified under what level of position? Level III d. Publication of vacant position is required under what law? Screening employees c. Clerical Service b.

Nqesh - National Qualifying Examination For School Heads

Under what law allows him to teach in the public school? Entrance based on merit and fitness or on highly technical qualification. Permanent laborers. Level 1 b. Opportunity for advancement to higher positions. Regular publications of existing vacant positions in government offices are required for how many days? Not exceeding 70 days. Presidential decree No. Arbitration d.

Which of the following is least attributed to discipline? A program wherein its primary objective is to assist qualified eligible for possible a. Note exceeding 80 days. Absolute exercise. It is when the appointment is co-existent with the duration of a particular projects for which purpose employment was made or subject to the availability of funds for the same. Human Resource Program d. Members of the AFP c. How many days will he be suspended? What mode of settling dispute is being shown?

Reprimand c. A teacher is accused of sexual harassment. Who is exempted from the rule on nepotism? Mediation c. Placement of employees 17 b. Persons employed in a special capacity d. Suspension not exceeding 30 days. Arbitration b. Suspension months to 1 year b. Teachers and physicians b. A process whereby a third party brings the parties together.

Preventive suspension covers how many days? Conciliation d. Development of self-control. Effective and efficient performance. An offense punishable by the penalty of reprimand for its first offense is classified as c. I and II only c. Lending by subordinates to superior officers. Conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

Identification cards should be given to all students at no cost. DepEd Order No. Which of the following actions could be a ground for an administrative complaint?

Dismissal b. What DepEd Order underscores the guidelines on the preparation of daily lesson logs? Maybe d. Teachers teaching multi-grade class should be given service credits as incentive. Yes b. Moral turpitude c. Decision of the head of agency is final.

RA c. Inefficiency and incompetence in the performance of official duties. Office of the Ombudsman d. Borrowing money by superior officers from subordinates. II and IV only d. Refusal to perform official duty is penalized with what in the 1st offense? Gross neglect of duty b. Merit System Board c. President b. Starts on the 1st day of July. Schools Division Superintendent d. Non-attendance in regular meetings for six 6 consecutive times.

Gross misconduct. Culpable violation of the Constitutions and By-laws. What position in the school PTA can be held by a teacher-member? A document being encoded.

Pre-school Contracting Scheme c. A Microsoft excel program d. The 6-man team members of the Election Committee for the Homeroom and school. What law is otherwise known as the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines? Softwares c. Who can cancel the recognition of a school PTA? Which of the following is NOT a part of the computer system?

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Municipal school Board b. Vice-President c. I and III only c. The election of the officers of the Municipal and City Federation of PTAs should be held within how many days from the start of the school year? I and IV only b. First day of the school year. CPU b. Date of election. Abuse and misuse of power and authority. Which of the following is known as an output process?

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A document being printed. DepEd Special Program d. School Governing Council d. What core principle is involve when the school improvement gives the school community an opportunity to reflect on their school in the past school years?

SBM Grant b. NPSBA c. Two 2 teachers and four 4 parent-members. It is dogmatic. It is participatory. Annual Improvement Plan c. Home Schooling b. Page a. It is systemic. It remains as the principal and comprehensive law for the protection of children against abuse and exploitation.

It is a funding facility extended to public elementary and secondary schools by DepEd. It is based on hard data. It is logical and iterative. One 1 teacher and five 5 parent-members.

School-based Guided Learning d. Three 3 teachers and three 3 parent-members. A program support loan secured by the government from the World Bank to finance in part the various key reform thrusts outlined in the BESRA. An educational development plan that shows the intent and design that the schools will undertake to introduce learning outcomes within the context of SBM in a prescribed period at a given cost. It is known as the face to face learning with the facilitator and the learner.

Black b. It is inclusive and integrative. A core principle wherein the process includes the entire school system to institute a change of school culture. Red c. Must have fulfilled the service obligation of any previous scholarship and training contract. Communicating the plan. Implementation strat-up. School Improvement Evaluation d.

How many working days is given to any male employee who avails for a paternity leave on his 5th born child? A fraction of one-fourth or more but not less than three-fourths shall be considered as one-half day.

Must be a permanent employee.

Which of the following is a valid reason wherein a study will not be granted? AIP c. None of the choices. Leave of absence without pay for any reasons other than illness shall be counted as part of the actual service rendered.

SGC d. How many days of special leave privileges given to any official or employee except that of teachers is given under the different conditions stipulated in the DECS Manual ? Must have no pending administrative and criminal charges. Computation of vacation and sick leave shall be made on the basis of one day vacation leave. How many days equivalent salary is given to teacher assigned to places declared by the President as calamity areas?

School Improvement Process b. What law provides the Sangguniang Bayan to change the name of the school? Building a gap with the pupils. What is the ideal pupil-teacher ratio for the gifted class? Thinking about thinking c. What law prohibits naming the school after a living person? Using consistent instructions for a month.

What learner centered principle is applied when a teacher ask the students to use a Venn diagram to compare their new knowledge and existing knowledge? Window openings shall be at least how many percent of the floor area of the room? What do the students need in a learner-centered classroom? Using unconditional teaching practices that accept every learner. What law established the creation of Adopt-a School Program?

Flush type b. What is the minimum requirement for an administrative space? Field trip b. How will the teacher in a learner-centered model embrace and value the uniqueness of each of the pupils? Strategic thinking b. Feeling of disgust c. Schedule periodic re-assessment. Discuss with pupils only. Supportive of getting more enrollees. The construction of knowledge b.

Affective domain c. Motivated to achieve institutional objectives. This domain explains how the mind works to create sensible and organized views of the world. This principle states that the depth and breadth of information processed. Find models of schools with successful team approach.


Which of the following is an example of personal change process planning guide? What characteristic is present for those pupils who prefer challenging work? Cognitive and metacognitive domain b. How does the learner-centered perspective view people in school? Academic success c. Which of these domains highly promotes both positive self-development? What should learner-centered teachers acknowledge among pupils? Changing the perspective of DepEd. Developmental influences on learning.

What learner-centered principle is applied when the teacher ask the pupils to apply any graphic organizer to summarize the events in the story? Relevance of school b.

What is Placement?Furthermore, there will be no more items on communication skills. LURE a. Threat — An element of crisis management which is a potential hindrance to some state of goal desired by an organization or individual. Annual Improvement Plan — It identifies the problems and objectives for one school year and the intervention programs that include strategies and learning activities, time frame for implementing the activities, persons responsible, and resources needed which are appropriate to achieve the objectives set.

For further inquiries, all concerned may contact: The person that administers selection and aids the superintendent in solving personnel problems.

III and IV d.

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