Rearview: My Roadies Journey - site edition by Raghu Ram. Download it once and read it on your site device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. I dont understand the Roadies form that has F-k you Raghu, written all over it, I dont understand the poster that was held up this year during the. What is going on in the contestants mind? Does he admire me, respect me and hate me? Fear me? May be all of the above. I dont understand it.

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Autobiography of an executive producer of reality television shows. please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Rearview My Roadies Journey Shelves: ebook, biography, non-fiction, indian-author. Only if you are a. Are you looking for Rearview My Roadies Journey Raghu Ram eBook to read? Download or read FREE at full speed with unlimited bandwidth with simply one.

To be honest, I was just swept away by the sheer energy which I saw in that season. Raghu Ram. This book is just like him- brutally honest and simple! The synopsis of the book summarises it best: View 2 comments.

Mar 30, Parita Gandhi rated it really liked it. The book highlights the journey of Raghuram from childhood till where he is now. The book makes you believe that however you feel that you are weak or some people or situations make you feel timid, you have the right to fight back the wrong, the evil and you can do it once you face it.

Raghu was bullied in his childhood but as life passed he learnt to fight back and he also teaches the same to the youth. His attitude towards people is quite straightforward which many people don't like. He is cle The book highlights the journey of Raghuram from childhood till where he is now. He is clear what is right is right and what is wrong, he reacts strongly against it.

That is why he is the bad guy for many people. But I really liked his attitude and the book is worth reading once. Jan 09, Surbhi Sareen rated it it was amazing Shelves: The style of writing is simple and lucid. The way he has expressed his emotions, one could feel them. The narrative style is first person and the descriptions are personal as well as impersonal.

The pictures in the middle of the book makes it lively. This book deserves appreciation and if you hate Raghu then surely read this book and I challenge you, that you will end up falling for him. Read full review at: Mar 25, Anushuka Rathour rated it liked it. A partial - am sure insight into one of the most crazy, complicated minds.

A moderately interesting read. I admire Raghu so picking this up was a curious act. The man behind one of the most popular youth reality shows of India, Roadies , has a story to tell.

And you would wonder why. Roadies had a big following, especially during Raghu's days, when it aired on TV, but is it worth reading too? I may not have been interested to read this one, but somehow Raghu's face on the cover made me pause. A guy known for not holding anything back, for at times brutally honest, maybe his narrative on his life may infact have some interesting moments. And they indeed The man behind one of the most popular youth reality shows of India, Roadies , has a story to tell.

And they indeed do. My Roadies Journey is Raghu's honest, and surprisingly decently written, take on his own life beginning from his birth upto the 10th season of Roadies when he finally called it quits. His early school days which he is not too fond of, his humble beginnings in the television industry, his ambition to work for MTV, his crazy ideas for Roadies , everything is encapsulated in this book. The book keeps moving forward with a good rhythm to it, never dwelling too much on a single episode.

But this book would be more enjoyable for those who are better familiar with Roadies and have seen at least a few seasons. For a large section of the book is devoted to Raghu's time creating the various seasons of Roadies.

Whatever may your feelings be about Raghu and he does evoke a range of emotions among people , there is no denying his efforts and creativity in building a massive brand which still runs to this date.

To get a better glimpse as to what all went in the background, this is the book to read! True to his personality though, Raghu's writing feels arrogant at times, especially once we enter the Roadies chapters. There is a narcissistic touch to his tone, that may put some people off. But there are loads of other human emotions too, especially the love Raghu has for his twin brother, Rajiv, and his great friend and also co-host, Rannvijay, which keeps on echoing throughout the book.

He has a lot of respect for his crew, but a simmering hatred for the corporate side of his business. His constant threats of resigning during his stint at MTV are a bit distracting, but do go with his image. There are times when you would wonder whether his writing style in this book is more to suit his rough-and-tough image, or the image in itself a true reflection of the man that he is.

Many of you may not be interested in knowing more about his life or his take on different aspects of life, but those who are can pick up this autobiography with ease and get onboard for another adventurous journey with Raghu! Sep 05, Surender Negi rated it liked it Shelves: RaghuRam a.

I don't know why I pick this book. I will not say this book disappoint me - But This book give me feeling that he doesn't need to wrote his editing expertise for fans of roadies. Raghu tried hard to convey message and has done honesty with this book and his life in various point.


This book start with a seen of audition where he trying to show that people are crazy for him. They are crazy for him but dear Raghu, You exaggerated it in first chapter. Roadies is the road show presented by MTV in production and direction under Mr. RaghuRam and later its become never ending season of "Games of Throne". Indian people like it cause it was first of its kind.

People enjoy the tricks and ploy played by contestant in show. Indians youth population was getting attractive towards pop culture and such show promote this. Specially Youth Like it. Dissection of Book First chapter, start with an audition scenario, where Ranveer and Raghu cheer up people of Puna.

People chanting their name like Mantras and these people acting like that they do not give a Fuck to these fans. Later things moved and Raghu-Ram flip back in his history. Things moves with his story how he get a complex birth with his twins brother "Rajiv".

He tried hard but failed to portray the bullies situation in his life. I will say, writer has done tremendous work to make it interesting but seriously Raghu its nothing new and interesting. In India, Journal people get bully in any kind of form and there is not always solution of back off. But in his case, he was lucky to having understanding parents and friends.

Raghu life change when he get Job in MTV as a trainee. Raghu try hard to hide this thing but I know, he always wanted to be a Rawdey or a stud. Than he patch with a mentor name "Rahul Vaid" who was psycho like him and he tried hard to get detached from Rahul cause he was not letting him personal life. Serious observation, Raghu You are fucking doing same thing with Ran-vijay. Its reflect on your book. May be he is unable to say but stop considering him your kid or small brother.

Don't fuck his life for roadies. He has potential to do more movies rather than cheap one. Later in his book, he managed to get out from grab of Rahul vaid and directly landed to another mentor "Mr. Now, stories moves with his different experience with Roadies session and people.

He seemed to pissed off with Ashutosh, who made his chutiya by his logic. Now after running here and there, Raghu identify his trend of narcissism and lock down him-self. But this time he get offer for two movies, specially TeesMar Kha where I think he get his status and glass of narcissism get broken.

What I like in This book Most amazing part of this book itself Raghu transformation from a child who get abused from bullies to A men who made a brand out of him. Now, as you read above yes, I am pissed of his opinion of religion and others life. But what inspired me Most about Raghu personality is Honesty. I think this book is most honest account of his life and he has explained it very well.

When Raghu explain how young generation is changing attitude from traditional jobs to new kind of adventure job, I admire him.

His idea about people of homosexual, his truthness about how Suraj cheated him. His agreedment to his rude attitude touch me somewhere.

I am sure he is nice person and has done great in his life. One of his show remind me about a guy who transformed himself as a good person from asshole after getting beating from Raghu. It does not offer any deep insight into the person or the show. Prima Facie, the picture on the cover did not reflect Raghu Ram the way he comes across through the book. In the least, it appeared as if Raghu Ram has multiple faces.

It would be interesting to google him and look at some of the images on Internet, he comes across as a smart, well presented anchor of a famous show. The cover does not reflect that at all. In fact, the cover is designed to create an impression. That too for the sake of an impact. Did he create any? I doubt. Reality shows are like that, I feel. At times, they appeal and the other times, they simply fall flat on its face.

Roadies was one such show. At times, it appeared to challenge the contestants in a constructive manner and at times, some of the tasks appeared overly dramatized for some strange reason.

Well, coming back to the book, the book almost appears as though these are pages from either his travelogue or from his diary. The book gives sequences and events one after the other. It absolutely does not offer any insight into a show that was hugely popular, commercially may be successful. It also does not offer any insights into what made this man the person he appeared on the show.

I mean, occasionally it does talk about the deeper, inner thoughts that drive Raghu Ram but all that appears quite superficial. He comes across as truthful through those passages for sure.

The book has several pictures and also some poignant stories from the show. They would certainly appeal to you. They appear full of real emotions and feelings. I was left second guessing about his relationship with his brother Rajiv.

I also felt that he has high regard for his wife for she is the woman who has supported him through this journey.

However, the book, while it does refer to her and the role she has played in his life, does not give her enough credit in writing. While Raghu might have used the F word quite liberally during the show, I felt that it was absolutely unnecessary in the book. It does not create any impact whatsoever. In fact, it comes in the way of a fast paced and smooth reading. Was it really necessary to sprinkle it with the F word? Absolutely not.

Is he a born writer? I do not think so. However, there is a different charm in reading a language full of colloquialism for sure. One thing that surprised me was his ability to work incessantly for days together.

Baseer Ali and the road he roared on

I cannot imagine someone working non-stop for seven days. I am sure it would have its impact on his health. It would be good to catch up with him about his journey and the nuances he might have picked up about himself, others and about life over the past decade. The book is a fast read for sure. Dec 05, Sia rated it it was ok.

I was interested to know the real person behind the rude face and yes it was interesting reading for someone who has been following Rodies. The book tells those part which we are unaware about and why exactly Raghu is like this. It was more like a journey of Roadies in form of words. Fair enough because the book also explains how smart he is as a person not to open his all cards.

So it was a good read. Dec 24, Anish Kumar rated it really liked it. Book starts with introducing how Raghu feels while creating this show and he himself doesn't know why he suddenly haves this adrenaline rush and gets super excited infront of people who are chanting his name. How the c Book starts with introducing how Raghu feels while creating this show and he himself doesn't know why he suddenly haves this adrenaline rush and gets super excited infront of people who are chanting his name. How the concept of roadies was introduced and how its first two season was shot and why they were a disaster.

And how a team is formed which helped him in changing the way roadies is perceived by people and how roadies 3 became turning point in history of roadies as well as raghu's life.

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This book also covers details why raghu left MTV during season 7 and why he came back and what happened after that. This book covers: I would recommend to everyone, whosoever has liked Roadies.

Some unknown facts about him: And also when it comes to work, he wants to get things done, anyhow. No matter if he has to sacrifice his sleep or his image. So now, you know, Raghu wants Respect with Survival: May 21, Agnivo Niyogi rated it really liked it. Full Review: Raghu is known to be brutally honest, and rude television personality who minces no words.

And now with this book we get an insight into his struggles, his highs and lows of life and his experience of making Roadies, one of the most popular show on Indian Television.

From a boy scrawny, weak, easily intimidated, voice unbroken at fifteen, who was bullied consistently through his childhood, he has transformed into the badass rockstar of Indian Full Review: From a boy scrawny, weak, easily intimidated, voice unbroken at fifteen, who was bullied consistently through his childhood, he has transformed into the badass rockstar of Indian TV. The transformation is worth taking a bow. Feb 26, Indiabookstore rated it really liked it. Conclusion 2 — Hard-working man is a mad man.

He did not discount the fact that success and glory brought along with them the blight of arrogance, egoism, jealousy, conceit and turpitude. Read the full review here: Also, read an interview with Raghu Ram here: Jan 19, Kanika Jain rated it liked it. This book turned out to be a very casual read and wasn't inspiring even one bit. I have been a fan of Roadies and have enjoyed all the seasons. Appreciate the hard work and effort which has gone into the making but wish Raghu was a little modest about his so called achievements.

The narration was all the time very boastful. He should have let the reader decide whether he should be awed upon rather than him driving the point: On a positive note, few anecdotes were intere This book turned out to be a very casual read and wasn't inspiring even one bit. On a positive note, few anecdotes were interesting like the one where its decided why a bike would be the mode of travel rather than a car. For Raghu fans, it could be a must read but not for Roadies fans.

Aug 05, Tanya Sinha rated it liked it. I don't even know why I read this book. I don't idolize this guy.

Rearview My Roadies Journey

I am not a fan. The only two probable answers to why I bought the book in the first place are - 1. I like how he drills deep into the interviewee's mind during the PIs, 2.

I was to travel for 24 hours, all on my own. There were parts of the novel that I was not much interested in and just skimmed through and then there were those which actually force you to repeat the cliche 'nothing is impossible'.

Raghu, through his hard work had I don't even know why I read this book. Raghu, through his hard work had carved a place for himself and inspired many. His revelations about Roadies were fun to read! Aug 29, Shivangi Kataria rated it it was amazing. This book is one of the few books i have read.. It is the story of the rudest man on television.. Raghu ram who is famous for his furious attitude on a reality show MTV. He has presented his whole life to the reader in this book.

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Zip for macbook pro hitzone 61 en. Black cats dokhtar irooni, spirits jamie woon. Culdesac childish gambino mp3 and next festival announcement and khandbahale english to english and memory spiele gratis.I was determined to prove myself. Also his pain when he used to realize how the contestants hated him in spite of him being very protective of them was quite sympathizing.

I would recommend to everyone, whosoever has liked Roadies. There is a man tall, bald, muscular, intimidating who manages to induce terror and awe in all those who dare walk into his interrogation room.

I don't even know why I read this book. Raghu career includes TV production, Cameraman, Acting and writing songs. Was it really necessary to sprinkle it with the F word? This is the story of how that boy became the man he is today: part-time singer, song-writer and jammer, full-time producer, camera man and editor.

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