Incredible English 4 Class - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. ENG LISII fl $ Class Book B At the adventure Archie Taylor 8 Birthday: . Watch Lesson 4 PMB46) 1 Which sentence is in the story? . I _ ”The more children interact with the materials, the teacher Walk into an INCREDIBLE ENGLISH classroom and there is a buzz you Activity book for children 1 pdf. Oxford Incredible English Starter 2 Edition Class book - учебник 2-го издания Oxford Incredible English DVD Video + Video Activity book.

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Now, with a great new digital package, more skills development and more Cambridge English: Young Learners support, you can help your class learn Incredible. Incredible English 4 Class Book_1 st МБ. Incredible English 4 Class Incredible English 5 Class МБ. Incredible English 5 Songs.7z. Failed to load and decrypt PDF. Related Posts: Incredible English 5 Class Book 2nd Edition; Incredible English 3 Class Book 2nd Edition Incredible English 2 2nd Edition Audio Class CD2; Incredible English 4 2nd Edition Audio Class CD2 .

Kirstie Grainger. Sarah Phillips. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter.

Popular Features. New in Incredible English: Description Walk into an Incredible English classroom and there is a buzz Incredible English offers you more than any other primary Phillips S.

SWF Description: Oxford University Press , c. Your pupils will definitely Your pupils will definitely learn Mary Slattery. The Teacher's Book serves as a clear and flexible guide for the teacher in all aspects of the course. It contains the folllowing: For schools with 4 hours of teaching per Sarah Phillips, Michaela Morgan 2nd Ed. Young Learners practice, your class will learn Incredible English and Who is it Phillips Sarah, Morgan Michaela. For schools with 4 hours of Peter Redpath, Sarah Philips.

These activities are connected with the topic "Family and Friends". You will find here many puzzles, crosswords, pictures to describe and other entertaining and useful activities. Publication Date: A six-level course with a higher vocabulary load and more reading than most Redpath Peter, Morgan Michaela. PDF English level: Beginner Ages: Overview Top authors Sarah Phillips and Mary Slattery have brought their understanding of how children learn to Great support for speaking and story-telling with animations, face masks and finger puppets for acting out the story, and tear out story books to take Walk into an Incredible English classroom and there is a buzz … children acting out a story, using a Venn diagram or finishing a craft project confidently in English.

The trusted methodology is based on things that children love, including: A wide variety of fun activities that challenge children of all learning styles to I live in Iceland. It is very cold here in winter and it is never very 7 7 hot in summer.

But in one day you can see many different types of weather. Last year I was climbing a volcano, Hekla. It was sunny when we started. It was foggy at the top and there was some snow. It changes every five minutes! Last year I visited the Kalahari Desert. It is usually dry and hot there. The sand is red and the wind forms it into fantastic shapes. A lot of plants and animals live in the Kalahari. My favourite animals were the meerkats. They live in big family groups. We watched them play together.

They were very funny! One clay it rained and the next day was amazing. Everything was green! Our guide explained that the seeds wait in the sand, and when there is water they grow as quickly as they can. Ask and answer Singasong Sayaword beginning with 1 Play in pairs. You need 3 Cb , counters each. Can you put these words in dictionary order? Which do you prefer, Maths or Music? I don't want to be late. I was good at Histo. Were you good at P. Yes, there was. The teachers were very That's great, Dad.

Ah yes, the medal! That was a good day for you You were the only runner!

Incredible English: 2: Class Book

Everybody was sick. It's true! I was good at sports, but I was also very lucky! PMS 21 1 Which sentence is in the story? Then write four true or false sentences for Q your partner. F 4 Finn's dad wasn't good at Science.

He was good at History. In this photo, I can see about 13 children. They aren't wearing school uniform. Most of them are writing. The teacher is sitting at the front at the classroom. She is writing on the groiector. There is a blackboard on the wall and a map of the world. I think this is a photo of a classroom in the ;. Mark can't see a teacher in his photo. In this photo, there are about G children. Some of them are sitting down and some of them are standing up. Two of the children are playing the kegboard.

I think this is a music lesson. The children are wearing school uniform. The teacher is atthe back of the classroom. I think this is a photo of a modern classroom.

By Amy 3 Find these words in the text. Match the photos to the descriptions. They are sitting in rows. There is one desk for each child. All of the children have a notebook on their desk. The teacher is at the back of the classroom. She is standing up. There are photographs on the wall.

The Nile is the longest river in the world: The Ancient Egyptians lived next to the River Nile because the land was good for farming. Pharaohs were kings in Ancient Egypt.

When they died, the people buried them in tombs. The Ancient Egyptians built pyramids as tombs for the pharaohs and their queens. The three biggest pyramids are at Giza. When pharaohs or other important people died, their bodies were wrapped in special bandages. A body wrapped and buried like this is called a mummy.

They lost for thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians believed in many different gods and goddesses. Each god or goddess was very important in Ancient Egypt.

Sometimes the god or goddess had the head ofan animal. Can you see a god or goddess with the head ofan animal on this page? The Nile was important because the land was good for farming. The Pharaoh was the queen of Ancient Egypt.

Incredible English 2 Photocopy Masters Book 2nd Edition

The biggest pyramids are at Giza. U'I- 9-lIU— The mummies weren't important people. Then listen and find. She had a headdress of cow horns. He had a white headdress with feathers. He had the head She W05 0 kind goddess. Tefnut was the goddess of a crocodile and a Cats were very important of water, she had the headdress of feathers.

Fish don't have fingers, They've got fins, Fish can't throw frisbees, But wow! They can swim! How many sharks can you see? It's an aquarium.

We had a great time! At lunchtime we had egg and chips and we all And then she fell into the water! And then we saw a shark!


We were really scared, and Coco was too. She played with the dolphin. It was a dolphin! We had a great day! Eve and the children went to 1 Archie had a great time at the aquarium. Water World. They saw lots of 2 He saw a seahorse. Then for lunch. Coco and the children saw a 4 Coco wanted to eat egg and chips.

But it 5 Coco fell into the water. Coco 6 She wasn't scared. Everybody had a She liked her lunch. PMS 26 1 Which sentence is in the story? EID D 2 Listen and say which girl. She didn't go to the beach.

She went to Water World. She didn't see a jellyfish. She saw a dolphin. She didn't have an ice cream. She had a milkshake 4 Read and say which girl. Then write six sentences about a different girl. She didn't go to Water World. She went to the beach. She didn't see a dolphin. She had a milkshake. She saw She didn't see Did you know that there are more than 29, secies of fish in the world? At Water World you can walk in our underwater tunnels and see fish swim past your nose!

Incredible English 4 Class Book 2nd Edition

You can see sharks, crabs, jellyfish and lots more. What town is Water World in? How many outdoor pools are there at WaterWorld? What animals can you see in the outdoor pools? Where can you feed the animals? What can children do at the beach? What is the name of the DVD? Visit the big pool at Ham and 2pm and you can help feed the animals. There is a Water World beach with real sand, where children can slash in the water and make sandcastles.

Don't forget your towel and your swimming costume! There are lots of souvenirs in the Water World shop. At the Water World ate there is a variety of delicious hot and cold food. Try our special meal: Lessons 7 8: Tleii ri: Ii mi in: Fish live in water. Fish live in seas, rivers and lakes. Different fish live in very different places.

Small fish need hiding places to escape from bigger fish. Some fish live near the surface. Some fish live on the bottom. Some fish live at the bottom of the deepest oceans and never see daylight! These fish have big mouths, like the anglerfish. Some fish make their own light, like the lanternfish. The quantity of salt in the water is very important. Most lakes and rivers are fresh water. Fresh water has much less salt than the ocean.

Most freshwater fish cannot live in salt water. Pike and trout are freshwater fish. Most saltwater fish cannot live in fresh water. Cod and sardines are saltwater fish. They live in the sea.

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Some fish can live in both fresh and salt water. Salmon live in salt water, but swim up rivers to lay their eggs. Eels live in fresh water but swim to the sea to lay their eggs. It lives in salt lgnternfish water. It lives near the bottom It lives in salt water.

Did you go to the old dark house? Yes, we did, we saw a mouse. We saw a spider, we saw a snake. It was very big, it made me shake! Were you frightened, were you scared? Yes, we were, we ran downstairs. U The new computer 1 Look, listen and repeat. Does she need a radio? No, she doesn't. Well, we had a great day. There was a football match. But a burglar opened the window and climbed in.

He wanted the new computer. What a great story! You saved the Incredible Club. You really are incredible! Ilrlli 5: D ED 2 Listen and say which house. He opened the door. Hlllllll He didn't want the mobile phone. He wanted the television. I know. Number 85! Then write four true or false sentences for your partner. I 1 He wanted the television from number Match the photos to the posts. Football match posted on Monday 12th May by Alex I played in a football match after school.

We won the match! The score was I scored the third goal. It was a sunny day. After the match, we had a barbecue at school. Mr Jenkins cooked the food. I had a burger and some salad. I stayed at home in the morning and played computer games. It's brilliant. You look for treasure and put it in your ship. In the afternoon, I went to the new swimming pool with my mum and my sister. I played on the slide for an hour. Before lunch, we went rollerblading in the park. I'm not very good at rollerblading, but I'm learning.

At half past twelve it started to rain, so we went back to Sam's house and had lunch. We played cliss in the afternoon.

I'm quite good at chess, but Sam won!

What was the weather like on Monday? What did Alex eat at the barbecue? When did Alex go swimming? Who went swimming with him? What was the weather like on Sunday? Where did Alex go rollerblading?

Who won the chess game?

Types of messages For hundreds emergencies. If you are lost, you can of years, people wrote letters. People used smoke to send j too simple messages over long distances.

Sometimes we send messages we. Which two animals can you I With Morse code, you use long see? Which animal did they use in and short sounds for letters of the Pony Express? People on ships often used it. You have two flags — one in each Sometimes we send messages we hand. You can make different letters El can see. We can use mirrors. V s , M communication. You listen to the Are you sending a message with drums?

Are you sending a message with flags? Morse code? The monkey jumped from tree to tree, It always did the same. But then my screen exploded, The monkey jumped right out!

He danced and wriggled, He laughed and giggled, He bounced and skipped about! Iturned off my computer, I never played again! Jacques Cousteau is one of my heroes. This is my project about him. Jacques Cousteau was an underwater explorer, inventor and film director. He was born in France in l9l0. He learned to swim when he was four.

In I he used underwater goggles for the first time and saw hundreds of fish. He was amazed. He invented an underwater camera. This was the start of his career as a film director. Cousteau had a boat, called the Calypso. He travelled all over the world in the Calypso, making films and teaching people about the sea. Did he like the sea when he was a boy? What did he invent? Did he make films?

I think he's brilliant. I Tom Daley is an Olympic diver. He started diving when he was eight. At the swimming pool, he watched people diving and he wanted to dive too. At first he was very scared, but then he discovered he loved diving. He trains every day and he travels all over the world to competitions. He wins lots of medals. What's his secret? His lucky monkey toy. It always travels with him! Why does he travel? Does he travel with his teddy? She's watering the peppers. I Lesson 2 AB pages 70—71 Coco — you're not helping.

Go away! Thanks, kids, you're a great help. T—shirt IS wet , Good work, kids. There's some water over there. Oh no! The got! It's eating the plants! The oatls eating the plants.

We can't stop him! Then the children children? Eve 3 who is cross with coco? Then a 5 4 who'5 got o wet ' '.

The plants Archie? PMB 36 1 Which sentence is in the story? I D I D 3 Cover the picture and play the game. Well done. There isn't any 2 There isn't any cheese on the grass. Which of these activities are mentioned? It is hard work so he needs people to help him.

One day they saw a TV programme about working holidays. They worked hard, but they had fun too. There was a small swimming pool, so they swam every evening. On Saturdays and Sundays, they visited towns and beaches. The farmer grows olives and he grows part of the holiday was being on the farm! Listen, read and answer. Q l Learn about plants: K their food and habitats? Some grow in hot, dry deserts. Can you think of a plant that grows in the desert?Did he like the sea when he was a boy?

Ardea p. Did you go to the old dark house? How many sharks can you see? He had a white headdress with feathers. Tleii ri: I need to get to the club for Art Day, and I'm late. I know.

It can travel at 1, kilometres per hour! This is the water cycle.

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