Item S (eBook): "How Music REALLY Works!, 2nd Edition". All Formats Included (PDF, mobi/site, epub/Nook). Comes with Chord Progression Chart, PDF. How Music REALLY Works, 2nd Edition, focuses on how to seize the attention You can get this as an ebook for about $35 US (but it is in Adobe DRM format. Similar Free eBooks Complete Guitar Chord Poster - How Music REALLY Works! How Music Really Works: The Essential Handbook for Songwriters.

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How music really works: the essential handbook for songwriters, How Music REALLY Works! shows you how to exploit your brain's. How Music Really Works by Wayne Chase, , Roedy Black Publishing edition, The Essential Handbook for Songwriters, Performers, and Music Students Download ebook for print-disabled Download Protected DAISY. How Music Really Works book. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Now in its 2nd edition, How Music REALLY Works!: The Essentia.

It is a brand new world for me The writing, and sense of humor have just hit home with me. The light has come on, and now I can't wait to explore further with the knowledge I have acquired so far It has had an impact on me that has changed the way I look at and listen to music.

Though I've studied for years, I find this take on it refreshing and truly helpful. It's a goldmine of info and as a composer and teacher, I know I will find many concepts of great importance to my work. I'm not kidding when I say unbelievably good. The depth, breadth and sheer eloquence I am immensely grateful for this book.

It has opened my eyes and ears way beyond what I could have ever expected. I've been searching and searching for a decent book on song writing and nothing compares to this book. I am truly grateful that Wayne took the time to write it and I will be indebted to him for giving me the tools to work the kinks out of my craft..

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

You've now made a world of difference in my life. I've bought and read through a pile of Music Theory books in the last few months. Some of them never quite take on the complexities they seem not to really appreciate them , while others are unreadably pompous and over-intellectualized. This book is the only one that comes across as a confident adult addressing an intelligent, motivated student.

I've been able to raise my level of understanding enormously.

Music is an enormous influence in my life and occupies much of my thought and energy on a regular basis. Much of that thought and energy is spent on figuring out how to become a better musician and what activities I can engage in to derive a deeper understanding of music—outside of playing live of course!

How Music REALLY Works!, 2nd Ed. – LOOK INSIDE

I have always known that there are aspects of my musicianship that are lacking and have always had an underlying suspicion that someone out there knows what I'm going through and knows how to help me identify and fill the gaping holes in my knowledge.

My searches on the web have consisted of strings like what every guitar player MUST know or essential skills for musicians. Most of the hits are fairly generic and are an overlap of my ever-growing library of musical studies books.

Many sites have wild claims about what their material will do, yet offer no samples of that material—danger! One day I entered how music really works into Google and the Roedy Black site came up.

For the next few hours I pored through the first six chapters of this book and was floored by the breadth and comprehensive depth of what is covered, how well presented the material is I have a great affinity for well-written material; this book is incredibly well-written. Finding it was like finding gold. There are things that are covered that I have never before encountered in my studies at school or in other books.

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Maybe I have encountered them; if I have they were never explained as fully, practically or as clearly. A perfect example of this is the description of the harmonic cycle in comparison to what the cycle of fifths is.

Look Inside

Can you imagine that with two full years of music school and the plethora of books on harmony and theory I have read, I feel like I never understood the why's to harmonic resolution and why certain seemingly unrelated chords work so well together?

Practical knowledge is paramount to me.

This book offers real tools, not just how-to's. It makes the proverb give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime come alive for me with just this one section. I have taught guitar in N.


California for 15 years and have read many excellent pieces on theory—but most were just that—pieces. I love the way this book puts all the parts together so that is understandable. I would like all my students to own and read this book.

Clear, understandable, entertaining. The first book from which I really understand why music is as it is, scales are as they are, and so on.

How Music Really Works

Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, and Locrian. Other topics include tuning, temperament, transposing, modulation, and tonality. Part III: Chapter 6: This chapter includes dozens of examples of songs with great chord progressions, and ends with 10 chord progression guidelines designed to maximize emotional impact.

Chapter 7: Chapter 8: Chapter 9: The chapter presents 10 specific techniques a songwriter or composer can use to create emotionally powerful tunes.

Chapter How Lyrics REALLY Work, provides a detailed blueprint for writing lyrics that communicate emotional meaning in the strongest, most effective ways possible. The chapter includes 10 specific techniques for maximizing lyrical emotion and power. Breng me op de hoogte Op verlanglijstje. Houd er rekening mee dat het artikel niet altijd weer terug op voorraad komt.

Wayne Chase - How Music REALLY Works!

Anderen bekeken ook. Kate Raworth Doughnut Economics 9, Robert Greene The 48 Laws of Power 13, Jack Perricone Melody in Songwriting 21, David Byrne How Music Works 17, Pat Pattison Writing Better Lyrics 15, Bekijk de hele lijst. Vaak samen gekocht. Huizinga Adriaan en Olivier Tweedehands 23, Verkoop door JB Tradings. In winkelwagen. Verkoop door bol. Stel een vraag.David Byrne How Music Works 17, The reason given here is an old chestnut and has to do with the overtone series and the idea that small ratios of frequencies give universally pleasing sounds.

The first 6 chapters are available free on-line so you have nothing to lose.

I have always known that there are aspects of my musicianship that are lacking and have always had an underlying suspicion that someone out there knows what I'm going through and knows how to help me identify and fill the gaping holes in my knowledge.

This video demonstrates the differences between just intonation which uses the overtone series and equal temperament: You may prefer the sound of just intonation or you may not -- I think it's a matter of personal taste, like whether you prefer lamb or chicken.

Dingmonk is currently reading it Mar 03, Finding it was like finding gold. Product Details E-Book:

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