Key Findings of Global Construction • Global Construction – published by Global Construction. Perspectives and Oxford Economics. Construction. A global forecast for the construction industry over the next decade to GLOBAL. CONSTRUCTION. PERSPECTIVES. Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics. Broadwall .. experiencing a strong cyclical upturn to , especially in the housing.

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Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics. Broadwall House .. period to and more considerably after Nonetheless. Construction 96 - . Internal Market for construction; (e) fostering the global competitive position of. Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics. Broadwall forthcoming Global Construction forecast and report, the fourth in a.

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The forecasts and report have been developed and written by the world renowned expert team from Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics. View Products About the report.

Global Construction has given Royal BAM Group a clear perspective on emerging global markets, supported by reliable forecasts. Reports give a comprehensive overview with forecasts for trend growth in construction to Each database gives 25 years of consistent and comparable data from to , measuring market size for each year as well as annual rates of growth for construction.

Global Construction is the definitive overview of one of the most important sectors of the global economy. We have found it invaluable in informing our expansion into new markets for our technology solutions.

Global Construction Global Construction is the fourth in a series of major global studies of the construction and engineering industry to be published by Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics. View Products.

Global Construction Global Construction provides forecasts of growth and gives analysis for all major construction markets globally to Forecasts growth for 48 major construction markets. The expansion in advanced economies will remain stable, at 2.

The Asia-Pacific region will continue to account for the largest share of the global construction industry, given that it includes the large markets of China, Japan and India. The pace of growth will slow, however, given the projected slowdown in China's construction industry as well as weakness in South Korea.

China's government is expected to try to curb excessive investment and avoid a disorderly debt crisis, and as such is likely to reduce its spending on major infrastructure projects. Construction activity is gathering momentum across Western Europe.

The region's output will expand by 2. The expansion in the UK is subject to major downside risks in the face of uncertainty relating to the outcome of its exit from the EU. Monetary policy within the EU will remain accommodating for much of the forecast period, given subdued inflationary pressures and moderate levels of economic growth.

There were sharp contractions in construction output in many Eastern European countries in , due to stalled EU funds. There was a sharp reversal in , however, and assuming EU funding continues to flow, the region will expand by 4.

The weakness in Russia's economy will continue to weigh on the country's construction industry, but investment in road and rail projects in addition to a recovery in the oil and gas sector will support a recovery in Russia's construction output.


The Middle East and Africa region as a whole will be the fastest growing in , with an annual average growth of 6. Countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council GCC have suffered from weakness in oil prices in recent years, as government revenues have been greatly reduced. Assuming oil prices stay relatively high, large-scale investment in infrastructure projects - mostly related to transport - will be a key driving force behind the growth in the region.

The pace of growth in sub-Saharan Africa will be particularly strong, averaging 6. There will be a steady acceleration in construction activity in Nigeria over the forecast period to , supported by government efforts to revitalize the economy by focusing on developing the country's infrastructure. Ethiopia will be Africa's star performer, with its construction industry continuing to improve in line with the country's economic expansion. There will be an improvement in , with the region growing by 1.

Having expanded rapidly in and early , there has been an abrupt halt to the pace of construction output in Argentina amid a major corruption scandal and a deterioration in economic stability.

Global Construction 2030

Scope An overview of the outlook for the global construction industry to Analysis of the outlook for the construction industry in major global regions: A comprehensive benchmarking of 92 leading construction markets according to construction market value and growth Analysis of the latest data on construction output trends in key markets.Construction escalation running at two speeds The positive movements within the global market activity cycle are reflected in construction escalation forecasts which appear to be running at two speeds in and Global automotive industry growth driving demand for chemical The revisions 1.

Each database gives 25 years of consistent and comparable data from to , measuring market size for each year as well as annual rates of growth for construction. Many experts are anticipating a construction slowdown in the second half of due to the fading impact of the tax cut stimulus and an overall tightening in monetary policy.

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