book was my only study material (along with a Cisco router). “It covers all .. Private IP Addresses. Broadcast Sybex offers the CCNA Exam Study Guide in PDF on the CD so you can read the book on. CCNA Routing and Switching Complete Study Guide Exam , Exam , Associate Study Guide, CCNA Wireless Study Guide, CCNA Data Center . Frame Relay. Virtual Private Networks. Summary Thank you for choosing CCNA: Cisco Certified Associate Study Guide, Seventh Edition. This book is part of a.

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This study guide is intended to provide those pursuing the CCNA . A VPN ( Virtual Private Network) allows for information to be securely. CCNA NOTES Re: CCNA router/switching configs pocket guide · Study guides · Re: Revision help. Follow us: Terms &. A:A Learn more and register at the Cisco Learning Network. Registering gives you access to all content throughout the site, and includes additional study material such as Self-study resources are available on the. Study/Learn tab of the.

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I remember the new questions. They are in this dump!

I passed my exam. Full scored.

I will recommend to friends. I just pass mine. Good luck to you all. You can trust on this.

Good iuck to you all, guys. So far so good. Odom occasionally presents tables that he claims come from the ICND course.

Clearly, some parts of the course are not fair game for the study guide. In other words, don't think that just because you are reading the official Cisco press CCNA study guides, you are dealing with a set of information that is as close as possible to the set of information from which the test was drawn. Studying these books will prepare you for the CCNA in the same way that reading the Encyclopedia Britannica from A to Z will prepare you to identify the capital of Nairobi. It goes without saying that a CCNA candidate should not be studying just to pass a test, she should be studying to qualify herself for a job.

But in this case, the difference between the material presented and the material actually making up the test is excessive. Odom goes to a lot of effort to make the reader feel like he is being spoken to by a friend.

Later, he describes Inverse ARP as "another case of learning by listening, a great lesson for real life! The subtle condescension in the nonhumorous asides, the gleeful overuse of exclamation points, and the fable in which Pebbles Flintstone invents networking is compounded by the persistent contextual encapsulation of every single topic in the book.

Odom tells you what he's going to tell you, then he tells you, then he tells you what he's told you, much more than necessary. A better way to put the flustered reader at ease might have been to proofread the books.

The ICND guide, especially, is so full of typos that it is often embarrassing to read. In some cases, these are nothing more than obvious misspellings that can be passed over without much more than a little annoyance e.

ICND p. In other cases, the meaning of the sentence is muddled.

Worse, the configuration examples have obviously not been proofread either, resulting in, for example, the prompt "R1 config " when the appropriate prompt is "R1 config-if. Each book comes with a CD containing a practice test engine and a router simulator both from Boson.

at starting package of

In fact, an argument could be made that studying with those practice tests will hinder more than help the CCNA candidate who has not read the books thoroughly enough to recognize the mistakes. Many multiple-choice questions count correct answers wrong and vice versa and some of these are taken directly from the books, which usually give the correct answer.

A configuration entered into the CLI on a simulator question will be graded as wrong, and the user will then be presented with an identical configuration as an example of the correct way to solve the problem.

None of these problems change the fact that these books will, if used correctly, absolutely help you pass the CCNA. Take the exam right away. If you don't pass, flip through the ICND book and find the areas that you actually need to work on.

You'll save months of study time that could be better spent working on your CCNP. I also used and recommend Boson Netsim, even if you have access to a live Cisco network for the hands-on lessons. I also used and less enthusiastically recommend the CCNA Flash Cards and Exam Practice Pack which is worth the price, but is incomplete in its coverage and annoyingly produced.

Building on what some of the other reviews have written, I thought these books are very well structured and clearly written. Each chapter is framed by a "Do I know This Already? Frequently, I found I didn't know enough detail and depth about things that I thought I knew.

And several times that level of detail was crucial to answering questions on the actual exam. Also Odom provides some nice tips for quickly solving subnetting problems; which is one of the things that I knew but needed to know better. And the CD with the practice questions was very useful and, I thought, very true to the actual exam.

There are a few typos in the book and a few things that perhaps could have been better explained, but these are really minor problems for such a substantial work that has so much right about it.

Frankly, more often I was wrong when I thought I'd come across a typo, and nailing it down really fixed whatever detail it was in my mind. Do print out the errata and keep it handy.

You'll probably also want to fill out your studying by looking at some Cisco papers on the web; I found myself reading more at Cisco about EIGRP, configuring NAT and zero subnets the night before the test.

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Helps in improving the skills of configuration and troubleshooting. This book helps you prepare for CCNA certification exams by giving you detailed goal setting guide to turbo boost your productivity and motivation. All new CCNA labs, theory, exams, reviews and crams are covered in detail. The above examples of books will provide exemplary guides during CCNA exam preparations.

All you need to do is acquire them and get the right mindset to study them and for sure you a going to pass your CCNA exams. Feel free to drop a comment with a book you feel helped you excel in your CCNA exams and provide you with in-depth networking knowledge.

Monday, April 15, What is Ip Routing and Routing Protocols in networking? Home About Us Contact us.All new CCNA labs, theory, exams, reviews and crams are covered in detail. The portable devices may be Android, iPhone and Windows phones, and tablets. Within the ICND book, Odom refers to "the ICND course, on which the exam is partly based," suggesting that what you have in your hands is a reverse-engineered study guide: a study guide for an exam that is based on a course that does not use said book.

If you've found something incorrect, broken, or frustrating on this page, let us know so that we can improve it. Enjoy the learning!!!. Passing each of those tests will make you a CCNA; so will passing combined exam If you're planning to take the comprehensive exam, go ahead and get this Library with the two books - they cover all the material on the as well as the material for the two separate exams.

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