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Bestiary of Krynn, Revised () - The Bestiary of Krynn returns by popular demand! The sourcebook for Watermarked PDF. $ $ Bestiary Of Krynn Revised (pdf) - plik 'Dragonlance Settings > DD '. Inne dokumenty: Dragonlance Settings, DD , landon Index of /public/Books/ & Dragons/D&D /Dragonlance 2M Bestiary Of Krynn Jul 7M Bestiary of

Figuring out which monsters were present in Krynn was a problem even for designers, as witnessed in DL "World of Krynn" , which included not just werewolves who aren't present in Krynn , but also a tarrasque. Now, designers and GMs alike could see complete lists of what was appropriate for the world.

Monsters of Note. There are many, many monsters of notes in Bestiary of Krynn. Not surprisingly, many of them are dragons or related species like a new variant of the Fifth Age's dragonspawn. There were even a few new monsters. Another newbie was the remnant, which Cam Banks introduced to explain the presence of a demilich way back in DL3: "Dragons of Hope" Future History.

Two books later expanded some of the topics covered in this book: Races of Ansalon and Dragons of Krynn About the Creators. Banks and La Roche had both been with the Sovereign Dragonlance team from the start. They were thanked for their contributions to the Dragonlance Campaign Setting and credited with Additional Design in Age of Mortals However, this was their first major outing.

Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to shannon. Customers Who Bought this Title also downloadd. That is true, but Warforged have some of the best Racial abilities of any LA 0 Race, on top of this Incarnate Construct doesnt remove the Cha penalty from Warforged, so the OP has that to deal with yet. Im not familiar with Sea Dragonspawn so im not sure what your getting out of it.

I think sea netted between on increases. That nat armor is nice, meh on the rest, but good lord those stat buffs. Rules aside I would not permit this because I don't need a sorcerer with a to-hit to rival the fighter, HP to rival the barbarian, a solid cha, the highest AC of anyone, immunities, and a bonus level of his freakin' class, all at no cost to him. Furthermore, due to the clause on the LA reduction -2, minimum 0 any templates you actually want need to be added before Incarnate Construct so that the LA reduction hits them.

Otherwise it goes "well, I did my job, your LA is now 0" and doesn't care that you added things on top later. ZamielVanWeber , PM Incarnate Construct is an acquired template, and cannot be added after an inherited template like Dragonspawn. They are both acquired.

Dragonspawn is acquired? A creature doesn't inherit being the progeny of a dragon? Her aquatic heritage is visible, though not so distinctive that she cannot pass among humans as one of their own.

Marencetta aids those in need, never passing up an opportunity to assist those who need someone with her unique qualities. Soon after, Marencetta was conceived. During the years before the War of Souls, Marencetta matured and felt the pull of the sea.

She resisted, hoping to take care of her ailing mother. A seagoing mystic from a passenger vessel that docked at Crossing recognized potential in Marencetta and taught her to draw upon. She returned to the waves and now travels in search of others like herself, most especially her father. In battle, she relies on her protective and defensive spells. She avoids getting into a situation where she is out of her depth, so to speak. Children of the Sea Soceity Children of the sea have no true society, raised among land-dwellers and leaving for a life of solitude upon reaching maturity.

When children of the sea encounter others of their kind, they are sometimes overcome with great happiness, yet they are also painfully aware that they have little else in common.

Truly, they are a lonely race. As base creature.

A child of the sea retains all the special qualities of the base creature and gains the following special qualities: Spell-Like Abilities: Caster level is equal to character level. Do not include Hit Dice from class levels in this calculation— the child of the sea gains fey skill points only for its racial Hit Dice and gains the normal amount of skill points for its class levels.

It can always take 10 on a Swim check, even if distracted or endangered. It can use the run action while swimming, provided it swims in a straight line.

Change to aquatic. Accantus An accantus is a child of the sea who was abused as a youth and whose aquatic traits grew twisted, bound up in rage and resentment.

Such a creature looks like any other child of the sea but has additional powers fueled by its tainted nature.

Accanta can assume a watery form and are capable of summoning water elementals as servants. They are dangerous and wild creatures. Its features are twisted into an angry grimace, and its arms have become watery tentacle- like limbs that lash around, trailing droplets.

He loses this bonus if he is denied his Dexterity bonus to AC or if Turim or the ally moves more than 5 ft.

Dirty Strike Ex Turim may choose to make a single melee attack on his turn as a full round action that deals an additional 2d4 points of damage. The additional damage caused by a dirty strike is the same kind of damage as the weapon used in the attack. Additional damage from a dirty strike is not multiplied if Turim scores a successful critical hit. Liquid Form Su Once an hour, as a full round action, Turim can transform himself into a creature composed entirely of water.

Turim can only maintain this form for 14 rounds before he becomes fatigued and must revert to his natural state. This fatigue lasts for an hour, after which point he can transform himself again. In this form, his statistics change as follows: This check will not necessarily reveal true information, as much of the time Turim heard it from someone who heard it from a friend, who heard it from a guy, etc.

He may not take 10 or 20 on this check; this sort of knowledge is essentially random. Turim is a tall, dark-skinned man with large eyes and slightly pointed ears. He could be mistaken for a half- elf, though his features are far from comely. He bears the scars of many battles; a struggle with a sea dragon left one half of his body horribly burned and blistered.

Turim is the child of a sirine and an Ergothian sailor, whose mother was killed when he was an infant. Strategies and Tactics Turim usually joins a battle in his normal human form, saving his wrathful accantus transformation for when he is certain he can spare a round to make the change. His crew are used to his abilities and take their cue from him, surrounding opponents to keep them from reaching Turim as he changes. An accantus retains all the special attacks of the base creature and gains the following special attack.

An accantus has all the special qualities of a child of the sea, in addition to the following: The accantus can only maintain this form for as many rounds as its Constitution score before it becomes fatigued and must revert to its natural state. This fatigue lasts for an hour, after which point it can transform itself again. In this form, it gains the following: Daemonlord This is a brutish giant with demonic features clad in thick, blackened leather armor.

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Its head is bald and ringed with black horns. Regeneration Su Damage from a divine source including clerical. If a daemonlord loses a limb or body part, the missing portion regrows in 3d6 minutes.

A daemonlord can reattach a severed limb instantly by holding it to the stump. Roar Su A daemonlord can roar once every 1d4 rounds. Each roar releases a blast in a 60 ft.

Summon Wretch Sp Three times a day, a daemonlord can automatically summon 4d10 carrion wretches, 3d8 cedar wretches, or 3d6 sand wretches, providing it has the raw materials present corpses, trees, and sand respectively. The daemonlord can also summon them at great range in combination with its meteor swarm ability see above. This ability is the equivalent of an 8th-level spell.

Unnatural Aura Su Animals, whether wild or domesticated, can sense the unnatural presence of a daemonlord at a distance of ft. They will not willingly approach nearer than that and panic if forced to do so; they remain panicked as long as they are within range. A daemonlord is a powerful emissary of Chaos, a brutish member of a vile race long trapped in the bowels of the Abyss. Charged with chaotic energies and summoned through blasphemous rituals, the appearance of a daemonlord on Krynn always heralds a period of disaster, catastrophe, and ruin.

Its black teeth, horns, and claws are all incredibly hard and sharp. Daemonlords have individual tastes and desires, all of them obscene and tending toward the violent. Because they are summoned and do not naturally appear on Krynn, their presence is usually marked by foul weather, spoiled food and drink, and random occurances. They do not make a point of learning many other languages, as their sole purpose is to cause widespread destruction and chaos.

Strategies and Tactics A daemonlord is a frightening opponent that delights in clawing and biting its foes.

Dragonlance - Bestiary Of Krynn.pdf

Daemonlords typically summon aid in the form of chaos wretches to deal with any minor opponents, singling out tougher opponents for melee combat. A daemonlord encountered at longer range will use call lightning storm or chaos hammer from a distance, but usually chooses to close in. It will immediately attempt to kill all who witnessed the event, as they will be the only individuals who can seriously harm it.

Daemon Warrior This is a seven-foot tall humanoid creature with a nightmarish face like that of a gargoyle. It is dressed from head to toe in glossy black plate armor, with spikes and barbs at the joints and shoulders and ringing its open-faced helmet. It carries an enormous two-handed sword. Its eyes shine with a reddish-orange light. This blast also destroys the weapon used to deal the killing blow, if any.

Smite Law Su Twice a day, a daemon warrior can make a normal melee attack against a lawful foe. The daemon warrior adds its Charisma bonus to its attack roll and deals an additional point of damage per Hit Die. Daemon warriors are the soldiers of Chaos, created by the mad god from the souls of the dead trapped in torment within the Abyss.

However, when seen, they tend to shift and change, acquiring certain features out of the minds of those who look upon them. Daemon warriors speak Common and Infernal.

Though usually found in groups, they abhor organization and order and have little to no tactical discipline. Daemon warriors rush in to combat, slaying anyone they come across, often disengaging at random to deal a blow to another foe.

Daemon Warrior Weaknesses Blessed Weapons: The critical multiplier of the weapon improves by one x2 becomes x3, x3 becomes x4, etc.

Dragonlance - Bestiary Of Krynn.pdf

Aligned weapons with the axiomatic, holy, or unholy qualities are also considered blessed weapons for these purposes. Holy Water: Holy water deals twice as many points of damage to a daemon warrior as it does to standard undead 4d4 on a direct hit or 2 points if within 5 feet. Medallions of Faith: If a cleric with a medallion of faith is in favor with her deity does not need atonement, gains spells, etc.

A successful attack deals 1d6 points of damage per cleric level, bypassing damage reduction. If the attack was a critical hit, this damage is doubled. The medallion. Sword knights, Skull knights, and other characters with clerical powers who possess medallions of faith may also attempt this attack.

Raise Dead: If a raise dead spell is cast on a daemon warrior, it acts as a slay living spell on the creature, either killing it or dealing damage. Dark Thrall of Onysablet The dark thralls are twisted, diseased minions of the great black dragon Onysablet. Her dark thralls arose when the dragon decided to devise an alternate method for creating spawn, one that did not require the constant use of magic to propagate the transformation.

Turning to science, Sable decided to create a highly infectious disease that would accomplish this goal. The experiment failed in that Sable was unable to create any magical disease that would carry on the spawning. Called the dark thralls, hese creatures were once male humans, elves, or ogres who were twisted into foul mockeries of their former selves: His mad eyes have turned a milky white color.

This sample uses a 1st-level Silvanesti elf warrior as the base creature. A dark thrall gains two claw attacks as its primary natural weapons. Full Attack: Dark thralls prefer to use their claw attacks instead of arming themselves with weapons, as this allows them to spread the foul disease that creates more dark thralls. A dark thrall retains all the special attacks of the base creature and gains the following special ability: At the end of this period, any male creature that has contracted the disease must succeed at another saving throw or automatically transform into a dark thrall of Onysablet.

To eliminate thrall fever, remove disease requiring a DC 15 caster level check or heal must be cast on the victim.

Creatures already transformed cannot be changed back, except by spells such as limited wish, wish, and miracle. A dark thrall retains all the special qualities of the base creature and gains the following special qualities: New Swamp.

Solitary, pack , or plague Always chaotic evil. Master Thralls Master thralls have all the same abilities as regular dark thralls of Onysablet, save that the black dragon can directly issue telepathic orders to any master thrall within the boundaries of New Swamp. Similarly, the master thralls can also issue telepathic orders to any dark thrall within one mile of them.

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Master thralls are typically the initial carriers of thrall fever—those infected directly by Sable and later released to spread the disease. Unlike standard thralls, master thralls cannot be reverted to their normal forms.

Demon, Malrauthin This four-legged monster is covered in a thick and scaly maroon hide, and the lower halves of its clawed forelegs have a volcanic appearance. A sickly yellow-white mane runs down its back, and a long spiny tail extends from its haunches. Any female elf, human, or ogre who contracts the disease ignores the standard rules for infection and cannot pass the disease on to anyone else.

Should she become pregnant, however, the disease causes the fetus to mutate horribly. Approximately 5 months into the pregnancy, a 2-ft.

Females and Thrall Fever. Opponents reduced to 0 Constitution by this breath weapon rise as bodaks on the next round. Success negates all damage. A creature reduced to 0 Constitution rises as a bodak on the next round. Malrauthins are foul creatures of the Abyss who thrive on spreading undeath, a trait which has led many to suspect Chemosh having a hand in their creation. A malrauthin resembles an overgrown demonic attack dog. This bestial and feral appearance hides an intelligence that, though rudimentary for such a powerful demon, is well above that of the average human.

A malrauthin is about 20 feet long and weighs about 6, pounds. It is rare a malrauthin is seen on the material plane, though powerful dark spellcasters will use them on occasion through a gate or greater planar ally spell. Malrauthins speak Abyssal, Celestial, and Draconic.You might get to keep the name, but nothing else. Its most striking features are the bony plates and spurs that seem to extend from its ribcage and joints, giving it a somewhat primeval appearance.

Such a creature looks like any other child of the sea but has additional powers fueled by its tainted nature. Monsters as Characters Can the heroes at last foil Takhisis's evil plans forever? If the attack was a critical hit, this damage is doubled. This check will not necessarily reveal true information, as much of the time Turim heard it from someone who heard it from a friend, who heard it from a guy, etc.

I know I am looking forward tot he 3. Black willows have no speech apparatus but understand Common, Sylvan and Elven, as well as any other languages commonly found in surrounding territories.

Children of the Sea Soceity Children of the sea have no true society, raised among land-dwellers and leaving for a life of solitude upon reaching maturity.

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