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I'll let you decide if that counts as practice. Christian romance. God plays a really big part in this book; He gets mentioned at least once a page, either directly or indirectly.

As someone who doesn't spend a lot of time thinking about in any serious way or talking to God with or without a capital letter , this made me a little uncomfortable and alloyed my pleasure in the actual human characters and their story more This is book 6 of the 16 free eHarlequins I downloaded recently. As someone who doesn't spend a lot of time thinking about in any serious way or talking to God with or without a capital letter , this made me a little uncomfortable and alloyed my pleasure in the actual human characters and their story more than a little bit.

The heroine, Molly, suffers from a crippling guilt and fear arising from a traumatic family event that keep her physically isolated from her community, her church, and her family. The hero, Ethan, is new to town, and has a checkered past, a newfound faith and an infant daughter but no wife or girlfriend and oh how the eyebrows waggle. Unlikely circumstances not entirely unlike those in Snowbound throw Ethan and Molly together for several days, and in those artificial circumstances, they discover a mutual attraction.

Molly's secret guilt and fear don't stay secret for long; they are the barrier between her and happiness, after all. Well, they and the distance she's put between her and her family but for one aunt , the people at her church, and, by extension, her God. Ethan's faith is no less solid for being so new, and through a combination of love and trust in him - and a completely deus-ex-machina event that cures her fear and magically ends the estrangement with her sister - Molly learns to trust again: I'd have been surprised to find any sex in this book, and in fact there wasn't any.

Some passionate kissing, and some allusions to Ethan's bad-boy exploits in his Past comprise all the physical manifestations of attraction. Some of the writing, especially in early chapters, is a bit meh; there's overwriting, and writing that could be tighter.

But generally the writing is pretty decent, if as mentioned before a bit heavy on the God thing. I wonder if the rest of the Love, Inspired line is equally emphatic on the importance of faith; I suppose I'll find out, as there are a couple more books in this line in the free book batch.

View all 20 comments. Mar 14, Deborah Obida rated it liked it Shelves: I really love this book, the book is a fast read. The story is about a single father who got was on his way to deliver drugs for someone and was caught in a snowstorm, he saw a house and decided to drop the daughter with a woman who has fear of babies because her niece died in her care a while back, she refused at first but he pleaded that what he wants to deliver is an emergency drug, if he doesn't deliver it the person will die and he cannot go with the daughter.

He delivered the drugs and cam I really love this book, the book is a fast read. He delivered the drugs and came back to her house, They were stuck together for a few days before the weather became normal, she overcame her fear of babies and they became friends afterwards. They dated for a while then got married.

Sep 10, Nicole rated it it was amazing Shelves: I just absolutely loved this story. From start to finish, with many a heartfelt moment, I truly did not set the story aside. I'm often skeptical about reading books with a religious tone to them, often feeling that things are just stuck in there rather than blending it in naturally.

Not once while reading this story did I feel like skimming or shaking my head with a sig I just absolutely loved this story. Not once while reading this story did I feel like skimming or shaking my head with a sigh of resignation because things felt 'off' to me.

I totally loved this story and can't wait to read some more books by this author. Jan 12, Paige Prince rated it did not like it. I tried to finish this book, but I just couldn't. I got about halfway through before I put it down and I don't think I'll be picking it back up. It started out cheesy and only got worse. I'm all for Christian romance books, I actually have several and I love reading them, but even die hard Christians don't think the way the characters do.

It felt more like the author was using their newfound Christianity as a plot device, rather than a background aspect. She drew out the heroine's Big Dark Secret a little too much, having her think about it all the time and then pushing it to the back of her mind.

Sorry, but if it's that big of a deal, you can't just push it to the back of your mind all the time. You have to deal with it. And yes, I do understand needing to give the readers something to contemplate on and have some sort of conflict for the story, but it was getting ridiculous. Maybe if left as a short story rather than a novel, it might have worked out better.

Feb 05, Lisa rated it it was ok Shelves: I got this book as a freebie on site, and had no idea before I started reading that it was an "inspirational Christian romance. I did read the book in one sitting - which says something - but I also skimmed a good part of it and had to check my skepticism at the door.

The writing just seemed elementary in comparison to the books I normally read. An over-use of first name I got this book as a freebie on site, and had no idea before I started reading that it was an "inspirational Christian romance.

An over-use of first name plus surname in the exposition, poorly-done third-person omniscient narration, and a glaringly obvious plotline were all annoyances that got in the way of what could have been a good story.

There was decent characterization but the stunning naivete of the characters was just too much for me. Take your typical rogue-turned-good-guy good Christian guy in this sense meets innocent-maiden-with-baggage and throw in a huge heaping of Christian references, and there's the book.

May work for some people but not my cup of tea; however I gave it two stars instead of one because I did finish it, and even teared up a little near the end I'm blaming pregnancy hormones on that one. I actually adored this book. It had two of my favourite plot contrivances - snowbound and single fathers! I really like the idea of two people thrown together under unusual circumstances building a relationship out of being in such close contact with each other.

It's idealistic, and I've no idea if it really does work out so wonderfully for people in real life, but it's definitely been the basis of some of my favourite romance novels, including Montana Man by Barbara Delinsky. Linda Goodnight's I actually adored this book.

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Linda Goodnight's take on this plot was excellent, and had the added bonus of featuring an adorable baby! Ethan was the perfect beta hero - caring, sensitive, a committed father, and so much more.

I'm definitely becoming a fan of the way Love Inspired characterise their heroes. While Molly and Ethan build up their friendship when stuck in the farmhouse during the snowstorm, it's when they're back in the real world that their relationship really begins.

Molly, who had hidden away after witnessing a horrific tragedy, finds herself forced to integrate back into society and it becomes impossible for her to avoid Ethan, and her growing attraction to him.

I'm definitely a fan of slow-paced romances where the characters gently get to know each other, rather than the ones that zoom by, full of problems and "Big Misunderstandings". There was never a moment when I felt that Molly and Ethan's relationship was unrealistic.

Google sre pdf github

I loved that both Molly and Ethan had histories and troubled pasts to deal with. Ethan's was more conventional, but I was really impressed with the way that Molly's trauma was dealt with.

She was such an unusual yet truly endearing heroine. I guessed quite early on what had happened to her, but her road to healing was wonderful to read.

My only complaint would have to be that some of the references that Molly and Ethan made to God and Christianity felt a little bit forced.

I do like my characters to turn to God when they're in need, but occasionally Love Inspired books put it across in a slightly unrealistic manner. I'm also not entirely sure if I'm completely happy with the ending. While I do love my books to have happy endings and be tied up in a nice, pretty bow, Molly's discussion with her sister felt a bit too perfect.

Other than that, this was a lovely little romance that cheered me up in between a more challenging book and coursework. I'll definitely be looking for more Love Inspired books from this author. Jan 29, Lisa rated it liked it. This was a very sweet book.

I need some light romantic reading on occasion and this totally fit the bill. Molly McCreight is living in her quiet sad life on her farm without her family after a tragic accident claims the life of her nephew and she feels responsible for his death.

She is preparing for a huge snow storm when she hears a car coming up here drive. The horrible storm lands Ethan Hunter and his infant daughter, Laney. Molly is terrified when Ethan explains that he needs to leave Laney This was a very sweet book. Molly is terrified when Ethan explains that he needs to leave Laney with Molly so that he can go give a cancer treatment further down the road or the patient will die.

Molly makes it though this early experience but becomes even more terrified that something with happen to this beautiful child and it will be her fault as the storm knocks down wires that electrify the garage and they are trapped at the house until the storm clears enough to dig out the delivery van that had gotten stuck in the snow when Ethan walked back to her home the night before.

Once the storm has cleared, Ethan attempts to date Molly and finds out just how bad things are when Molly and Ethan bump into Chloe, Molly's sister, in town. Ethan sets out to heal both of these women so that he can be with Molly. The characters in this story as very likable and you really feel bad for both of them early on in this story.

They both have very sad stories. It is a easy enjoyable read that makes you want the best for both of them and the beautiful, Laney. What I enjoyed the most was the twist at the end that seemly healed both Chloe and Molly. Beautiful story with a very happy ending.

My Rating 3. I enjoyed the book and its light reading quality but I probably would not pick it up to read again. Feb 20, Tori rated it it was ok Shelves: This was a sweet book that read like it was written by a middle aged Sunday school teacher. NOT that there is anything wrong with that at all, it's just not my style.

But, since it was free I can't really complain. Apr 16, Cecelia added it. Dec 27, Jess the Romanceaholic rated it liked it Shelves: A very sweet book. A free book on my site, I didn't realize it was a "Christian" book until I was already snagged on the premise.. Because of that, it seemed a bit preachy to me at times. In reality though, I think had I known ahead of time that it would involve a heavy emphasis on religion, it wouldn't have been a big deal.

It was a very sweet, romantic story, even though there was no physical romance outside of a few chaste kisses. Shockingly enough, despite my addiction to smutty novels, th A very sweet book. Shockingly enough, despite my addiction to smutty novels, that didn't bother me either lol It was a very quick and easy read as well. Real life kept intruding during this one and I had to put it down several times, but was still able to easily pick up right where I left off without having to reread, which is nice.

The original plot device was a bit dicey -- paramedic cum UPS man brings his infant daughter on a delivery during a blizzard, and drops her off with a stranger at a farm house in the middle of nowhere because he's got to deliver this cancer treatment to some dude up the mountain. Add to that the fact that this cancer treatment HAS to be delivered in the next like 4 hours or whatever or the patient up on top of the mountain, mind you will die, because get this -- the medicine is only viable for 8 hours once it's been manufactured.

Can I just ask why, if that's the case, is the guy not in the hospital rather than living on the side of a freaking mountain?!

I mean, I get that the author needed some way to A get our hero and heroine to meet, B force the heroine to babysit something she'd never be willing to do normally due to past events , and C somehow manage to get the couple snowed-in for a week or so in order to force them to get all cozy and such. However, I wasn't really impressed with what she came up with. Just a wee bit too contrived for my tastes, so it lost a star there, ending up with a solid 3. I know a girl named Emily Evans.

So, I had to read some of it to see how this Emily Evans compared, and to tell the Emily I knew about it. I realized they were both Christian fiction. So, I supposed they would be clean. I read a sample chapter or two of each book, and then the books disappeared I guess my mom put them away.

A couple years later, or so, I coinciden Once upon a time, I saw this book and another The Calling of Emily Evans, by Janette Oke among other stuff my mom had in my room. A couple years later, or so, I coincidentally saw both of these books for free, as site e-books on site.

I figured that meant I should read them, and that there was probably a reason for it. Then, a long time later, I finished this book off. It was actually a pretty good book. It was indeed clean. So was The Calling of Emily Evans.

There was some brief kissing, but it wasn't graphic. You see both the woman and the man's viewpoints. The book was easy to read.

Reward Yourself

It didn't drag on. The characters had problems. Ethan tried to fix Molly's problems even though he didn't know what they were most of the time. He was rather confused, but pressed on. There was character development. The book invited a belief in God.

It had some good morals. It was pretty wholesome. I enjoy wholesome books. Ethan wouldn't give up on Molly, despite how many times she rejected him though she did not offer a reason most of the time. Molly had mixed feelings about this. She had issues that she felt meant they couldn't be together. He had similar issues, but they weren't as much of a problem, obviously. Anyway, what I gather from this book is to have faith and press forward. Trust God. All is not lost. Prayer helps. God loves us, and wants us to be happy.

Miracles happen. Don't blame yourself for things that aren't your fault, even if you feel like they're your fault. Look to the future with hope. Sep 14, HarlequinRomanceReviews rated it really liked it. Ethan, a single dad, loves his little girl more than anything. But he has an important delivery to make during a blizzard, and how will his daughter, Laney, survive in the cold? He spots a cabin through the snow and politely asks the woman living there to keep Laney for her with a little bit.

Despite her hesitation, she does Molly McCreight can't deal with babies anymore. In Molly's care, her sister's six-month-old, smiling, happy, healthy baby died. And Chloe, Molly's sister, won't forgive he Ethan, a single dad, loves his little girl more than anything. And Chloe, Molly's sister, won't forgive her for that.How many maximum slaves connect through SPI protocol.

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